Sofema Online is Joining you on Your Regulatory Training Journey!

Sofema Online is Joining you on Your Regulatory Training JourneySofema Online (SOL) provides a lifelong partnership to support your EASA Compliant Regulatory and Vocational Training Learning Objectives.


Over the last 15 years, Sofema Online has developed more than 300 Courses, Packages & Diplomas intended to raise the competence of our clients across a broad range of subjects within multiple aviation domains.

Sofema Online offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom training. By eliminating travel and accommodation costs, providing competitive pricing, offering flexible learning options, focusing on practical knowledge, and providing ongoing support, Sofema Online empowers professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge they need without breaking their bank accounts. With its commitment to high-quality training and cost-effective solutions, Sofema Online is revolutionizing the training industry.

Are you looking for Regulatory training?

Here is our complete list of online courses and packages

Did you know?

Last Year we enrolled over 24,500 Delegates in Sofema Online Courses

>> Sofema Online Training is more convenient – available 24/7 at your convenience
>> By Choosing a Package you can select multiple courses with multiple certificates on completion of each online exam.
>> All Courses are professionally authored by Subject Matter Experts with Decades of Experience
>> Choose Wisely – Sofema Online ( is ready to support your learning path!

Sofema Online Clients are the Primary Beneficiaries

Sofema Online offers highly competitive pricing for its online courses. By leveraging the power of online learning technologies, the company is able to provide high-quality training at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional classroom-based training. This affordability enables individuals and organizations to access training that may have been financially prohibitive otherwise.

Do you Want Discounts?  

As the industries leading provider of EASA compliant Online training, we understand that cost matters which is why we have developed a range of schemes which will enhance your learning journey

Do you know What SOL Plus (SOL+) is?

SOL Plus is our Loyalty Program that enables you to enjoy multiple benefits - Take advantage of Annual Free and Half Price (Upon Enrollment) for any individual course. 

Read all about it here 

Do you want to Accelerate your Learning Opportunity?

At certain times in our career, we have a need to fast-track our personal learning journey – At times like this Sofema Online stands with you and becomes your Regulatory & Vocational  Learning Partner. By Providing access to our entire portfolio of over 300 Courses, Packages and Diplomas for a single monthly payment equivalent to the approximate cost of a single 2-day SOL course (minimum enrollment - 12 months)

We call this Sofema Online Freedom Pass. Check it out

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