Sofema is supporting aviation enthusiasts with its Leadership Scholarship Program. Meet the future aviation leaders - Read the success story of Eman Mandeel

We are supporting aviation enthusiasts with our Leadership Scholarship Program. Meet the future aviation leaders Read the success story of Eman MandeelLeader in aviation education for the past 15 years, we are providing professionals in the field worldwide with our exclusive Leadership Scholarship Program.  Individuals from various aviation domains have already benefited. For a second year, we have invested over € 50,000 in the future of aviation leaders. 100 applicants were admitted and some of them are already practising their newly acquired leadership skills.

Women's Success Stories cannot go unnoticed in a male-dominated industry such as aviation. One of the first to complete the Leadership Scholarship this year is Eman Mandeel  - an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Bahrain. She is sharing her feedback on the Program. Read her Success Story. 

1. How did you find out about the Leadership Scholarship Program?

 I received an email from SOFEMA inviting me to be a part of their Aviation Leadership Scholarship Program. The program’s reputation for nurturing future leaders in aviation management drew my attention. After conducting thorough research, I was convinced of its merit and decided to pursue this excellent opportunity.

2. Which aviation area are you working at  - position/company?

 Presently, I am a part of the CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) team at MAE Aircraft Management in Bahrain. My role within the organization primarily involves overseeing the airworthiness of the aircraft in our fleet, ensuring they comply with regulatory requirements, and optimizing maintenance procedures.

3. What can you implement in your working practice from the studies?

The studies conducted through the SOFEMA Leadership Scholarship Program offer valuable insights into leadership, management, and strategic decision-making in the aviation sector. From this program, I aim to implement several practices in my daily work, including effective communication strategies for team leadership, improved risk management techniques, and a more comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance.

4. What skills/knowledge did you obtain from the Leadership Program, and which course do you expect to be the most useful in your career?

The Leadership Program has equipped me with a range of skills and knowledge crucial for advancing my career in aviation management. Courses on aviation regulations, safety management systems, and strategic planning stand out as particularly beneficial. These skills and knowledge will undoubtedly empower me to excel in my current role and, as I aspire, to attain a managerial or senior managerial position in the aviation industry.

In summary, the SOFEMA Leadership Scholarship Program has been an instrumental opportunity for enhancing my skills and knowledge, aligning perfectly with my ambitions in the aviation field. I am confident that the program's teachings will have a lasting positive impact on my career.

The Leadership Scholarship consists of the following 8 courses:

>> Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Leadership Skills

>> Aviation Leadership – Body Language for Executives

>> Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Building Competency

>> Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Communication and Assertiveness

>> Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Public Speaking

>> Aviation Leadership – Developing Teams

>> Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Core Principles of Operational Excellence

>> Aviation Leadership – Negotiating Skills

An online certificate is generated upon successful completion of each course. Once the delegates have completed all 8 courses, they are able to apply for an extra Aviation Future Leaders Scholarship Certificate.

We are grateful for Eman`s feedback and experience. Stay tuned for the next edition of our Leadership Scholarship Program at and

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