Sofema Online Corporate Solutions Guide - Grow your company’s potential with our B2B services

Sofema Online Corporate Solutions GuideAs a growing business-oriented training platform, Sofema Online (SOL) has a set of corporate services and products to offer. The strategic focus is to facilitate vocational training and development opportunities tailored to each company's needs.

This is a brief overview of our Business-to-Business (B2B) portfolio of programs.

Choose among the following :

  • Privileged Training Partner (PTP)
  • Enroll now - Pay later
  • Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)
  • Tailored Training Solutions (TTS)

Our offers In details:

Privileged Training Partner (PTP)

Clients of Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) and Sofema Online ( SOL) can benefit from a highly Competitive Discount  Program - Privileged Training Partner (PTP). Your loyal partner in training, PTP is a corporate everyday client discount and benefits Program. Perfect for polishing the skills of your employees. This partnership will give you unique access to the Sofema Online E-learning platform with the possibility to designate an Account Manager for all trainees and to benefit from our latest feature - Enroll now - pay later

>> Immediate 15% Discount (Minimum) for all Single Courses

>> -10% for all Diplomas and Training Packages

>> Special Freedom Pass price of €1169 (€1375): gives access to all online training programs for 12 months

>> Enroll now - Pay later - A model exclusively available for PTP clients of SOL. It promises immediate enrollment with a consolidated monthly invoice.

>> Your company Account Manager has admin access to view the training status of your team and will be in control of all the information

>> You will receive a monthly report with an invoice which can be paid in a 30-day time period.

Additional benefit for clients of Sofema Aviation Services (SAS): - 15% for In-company classroom and webinar training

Empower your employees' capabilities and performance by becoming a member of our Privileged Training Partner (PTP) Program. Join over 100 PTP at

Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)

Our Corporate Freedom Pass gives you access to over 300 Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Online Courses for six-month or one-year period. Corporate Freedom Pass is a training opportunity, suitable for your whole staff, which will save you several 000`s Euros. You would be able to nominate a group of staff to enroll in a training and when complete nominate the next group and continue in this way throughout the year of membership.

  • Key Benefits:

>> Subscription Freedom = Client Nominated Administrator has Full Control of Registrations

>>  Cost-effective scheme allows more enrollments within your CFP - Choose a subscription for 5/7/10/15  concurrent users

>> Full Admin Guidance and Support from Sofema Online (SOL) Team

Corporate Freedom Pass is created for companies of any size - from CAMO`s and Small 145 Organizations to Medium and Larger Operators. It provides a higher level of support, including the development of new training courses to accommodate your particular organizational objectives. Choose your own plan and get a relevant renewal discount to make the most of your staff’s potential. Ask for details at

Tailored Training Solutions (TTS)

Sofia Online offers the opportunity to host your in-company training for delivery only to your company's own staff. (Your own material is to be delivered to your own staff only).

  • Key benefits 

>> An opportunity for all your employees to build competence in the workplace

>> Satisfy all your regulatory initial and recurrent obligations

>> SOL Training Courses have been developed by Industry Professionals with more than 40 years of Commercial Aviation experience across a range of disciplines

>> SOL Courses are Engaging & Interactive

>> All delegates shall receive the Sofema Online Certificate on completion of the Course Examination

Your prosperity is our commitment

With the understanding that every business is unique, our programs are designed to address the specific needs and challenges your company might face. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping your organization thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Whether you are a small organization looking to establish a strong foundation or a large enterprise our corporate solutions can benefit your entire workforce and business performance.

Please visit for more details. For additional questions or comments please email