The Flight & Ground Operations Diploma is extended and the price is frozen until 31 December 2023 Enroll & excel in your career!

The SOL Flight Ground Operations Diploma is extended and the price is frozen until 31 December 2023 Enroll today and excel in your career solWe have extended the Flight & Ground Operations Diploma with the following new training: EASA Regulation 1178/2011 Including EASA Part FCL & Froze the price of €515 until 31 December 2023

Are you ready to take your aviation expertise to new heights? Sofema Online presents an unbeatable opportunity for professionals like you to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Our exclusive Diploma program combines 11 meticulously curated courses, catering to all essential aspects of Aviation Flight & Ground Operations.

What’s available for you?

>> (EU) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials with VO: Elevate your aviation expertise (regular price of €85)
>> EASA Ground OPS Post Holder Training: Gain advanced operational insight (regular price of €85)
>> Aviation FOD Awareness Training: Learn crucial strategies for preventing Foreign Object Damage (regular price of €63)
>> Introduction to Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment List (MEL): Understand the EASA MMEL / MEL Regulatory Requirements (regular price of €85)
>> Fatigue Risk Management Systems Essentials: Learn key strategies for safer operations (regular price of €85)
>> SMS for Accountable Managers, Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives: Understand SMS concepts and principles (regular price of €85)
>> Quality & Safety Root Cause Analysis Within an EASA Environment Foundation: Gain in-depth insights into the challenge of Aviation Root Cause (regular price of €63)
>> Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Aviation Staff: Boost your awareness and contribute to a safer environment (regular price of €63)
>> EASA Part SPA – Specific Approvals for Industry & Regulatory Authorities: Be able to implement Quality Control Processes and Procedures related to SPA (regular price of €125)
>> Aircraft Ramp Safety and Ramp Human Factors Initial Training: Elevate your ramp safety understanding (regular price of €125)
>> EASA Regulation 1178/2011 Including EASA Part FCL: Gain a Detailed Understanding of the Structure and Content of Regulation EU 1178/2011 (regular price of €170) – NEW

Individually, these courses would cost you €1034, however, Sofema Online offers the complete diploma for a special price of just €515!


>> On completion of all 11 courses, the student is eligible to receive a hard copy diploma.
>> Deferred payment option – 3 monthly payments of €180 – for details email

Take a significant step towards achieving your professional goals in the aviation industry!
Enroll in Sofema Online’s Diploma program today and excel in your career!