Saeed Abdallh is one of our Freedom Pass upgrade winners Congratulations! Read about his training experience with SOL

Saeed Abdallh is one of our Freedom Pass upgrade winners Congratulations Read about his training experience with SOLSofema Online (SOL) is pleased to share that Saeed Abdallh is one of the distinguished winners of our Freedom Pass upgrade contest. His remarkable journey in the aviation sector, characterized by his dedication and achievements, stands as a strong endorsement of the effectiveness and real-world relevance of our training programs.

Contributing to Etihad Airways’ achievements with his expertise, Saeed plays a role as a Production Planner. We asked him a couple of questions regarding his training experience with SOL:

1. Which was the most useful Sofema Online course you completed and why?

Aircraft maintenance planning in an EASA environment

2. How relevant did you find the course content to your current job role and responsibilities?

I found the course content highly relevant to my current job role and responsibilities. The knowledge and skills acquired directly align with the demands of my position, enabling me to approach tasks more confidently and effectively. The practical insights gained have proven invaluable in addressing the challenges I encounter in my day-to-day responsibilities.

3. How has completing our courses impacted your professional development and career?

Completing the Aircraft Maintenance Planning course in an EASA environment has significantly enhanced my professional development. I gained in-depth knowledge of EASA regulations, improved my planning skills, and developed a nuanced understanding of aircraft maintenance procedures. This has directly contributed to my effectiveness in the workplace and positively influenced my career trajectory. Today I’m working in one of the best airlines in the world.

4. How did you find out about Sofema Online? What do you like about our training platform the most? 

I discovered Sofema Online through industry recommendations and online research. What I appreciate most about your training platform is its user-friendly interface, comprehensive course offerings, and the flexibility it provides for learning. The quality content and the ability to access materials at my own pace have been particularly beneficial for my professional development.

5. Additional comments you would like to address

I would like to express my gratitude for the comprehensive and well-structured courses offered by Sofema Online. The support from instructors and the interactive nature of the content have greatly enriched my learning experience. I appreciate the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement and its positive impact on my professional growth over the past year.

We would like to thank Saeed for sharing his testimonials with us. We hope that the Freedom Pass upgrade will help him reach new career heights!

We are aiming to enhance the professional development of our delegates through specialized regulatory training and certification, reflecting their hard-earned knowledge and skills. We are here to guide our clients at every stage of their aviation career path. Join us in your journey toward a rewarding aviation career. See which courses are available

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