Fast forward your aviation career with Sofema Online's targeted EASA-compliant courses

targeted EASA compliant coursesSofema Online's EASA-compliant short courses stand out by offering tailored, industry-specific training in a concise format, ideal for busy aviation professionals.


Why Choose Sofema Online?

Offering a diverse array of over 330 expert-designed courses, packages, and diplomas, we cater to various aviation sectors, ensuring relevance and compliance with industry standards. Our courses are designed to quickly enhance skills and knowledge, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety excellence. They provide a flexible, efficient way to stay current with the regulations and advance your career without the time commitment of longer programs. Verify our course`s content compliance with the regulatory & vocational objectives you have to abide by. Being aware that our clients operate within a very specific market across many aviation domains, we provide Job Role Training Requirements (JRR) to enable our clients to select the most appropriate role-specific training courses.

What Sets Sofema Online Apart?

  • Extensive Course Range: Offering a diverse array of over 330 expert-designed courses, packages, and diplomas, we cater to various aviation sectors, ensuring relevance and compliance with industry standards.
  • EASA Compliant and Industry-Relevant: Our courses provide a strategic pathway to mastering industry standards and excelling in regulatory adherence.
  • Customized Learning for Every Aviation Professional: Whether you are in Air Traffic Control, Airline Operations, CAMO, Maintenance, Ground Operations, or any other aviation field, our courses are tailored to fit your professional journey.
  • Commitment to Safety and Excellence: We are dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of aviation professionals like you, promoting a culture of safety and compliance with international aviation norms.
  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from the best in the business. Our courses are conducted by seasoned industry experts who bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom.
  • Flexible E-Learning Options: Learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Our flexible learning options mean you can balance your professional development with your personal life.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum for Varied Roles: Whether you're an individual professional or a corporate client, our wide-ranging curriculum caters to every role within the aviation industry.

Take Your Aviation Career to New Heights!

Join the ranks of successful aviation professionals who have chosen Sofema Online for their career advancement. Embrace the opportunity to grow, excel, and lead in the aviation industry.

  • The importance of taking control of your learning journey, especially in the context of career development in the aviation industry, cannot be overstated. Sofema Online's EASA-compliant regulatory short courses are crucial in this self-directed professional growth. Here's why focusing on career development enhancements through such courses is vital:
  • Employers in aviation are keen on hiring and promoting individuals who demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. By completing Sofema Online courses, professionals signal their dedication to career advancement.
  • Taking control of your learning journey through Sofema Online is a strategic move for any aviation professional. It not only enhances job prospects but also contributes to personal growth, adaptability, and the overall advancement of one's career in the ever-changing aviation landscape.

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What’s more?

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