Empower Your Team with Sofema Online: Choose Between Enrol Now & Pay Later or Corporate Freedom Pass

Choose Between Enrol Now Pay Later or Corporate Freedom PassWe are pleased to offer our corporate clients two distinct products to support their EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational training.

Both options are designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses, ensuring they can choose the best product for their requirements.

1/ Enrol Now Pay Later - ENPL ( which requires membership in the Sofema Privilege Training Partner Program

2/ Corporate Freedom Pass - CFP

How to Decide – Which is the Best Option for our Organisation -  ENPL or CFP?

ENPL - Sofema Online's Enrol Now, Pay Later option provides unparalleled flexibility for corporate clients. This plan allows immediate access to our online regulatory courses, with the convenience of monthly invoicing and a 30-day payment period. It's designed to facilitate seamless enrolment for your delegates, maximizing discounts and savings for your organization.

 Features & Benefits

  • >> Immediate access to training with no delay for payment clearance.
  • >> Monthly report and single invoice for streamlined accounting.
  • >> A 15% discount on single courses and 10% on packages and diplomas.
  • >> Nominate a Company Account Manager for easy management of delegate status.

CFP - The Corporate Freedom Pass is a game-changer for organizations looking to empower their employees with top-tier regulatory and vocational training. With this exclusive subscription plan, your team can access our full training portfolio without limitations. The Corporate Freedom Pass comes in flexible payment options — monthly, yearly, or 6-monthly — making it a convenient choice for businesses of any size.

 Features & Benefits

  • >> Unlimited course enrolments during the subscription period.
  • >> Access to over 300+ online courses, packages, and diplomas.
  • >> Prepare your team for career advancement with comprehensive skill development.
  • >> Extra value with up to 5, 7, 10 or 15 Soft Copy Material Bonus annually.

Criteria for Choosing Between CFP and ENPL

Choosing between the Corporate Freedom Pass and Enrol Now, Pay Later should be based on a careful analysis of your organization's training volume, financial flexibility, strategic goals, administrative preferences, and the perceived long-term value of each option.

  • Volume of Training Required:

 CFP: If your organization has a high demand for ongoing training across various subjects for a significant number of employees, the unlimited course access offered by CFP provides a comprehensive solution for continuous learning and development.

 ENPL: For companies with fluctuating training needs or a smaller number of courses required in the short term, ENPL offers the flexibility to enrol employees as needed without committing to a subscription.

  • Budget and Payment Flexibility:

 CFP: Offers a subscription-based model that might require upfront payment but ultimately provides significant savings for high volume training needs. This is ideal for companies prepared to invest in long-term employee development.

 ENPL: Provides a pay-as-you-go approach, ideal for companies that prefer not to commit a large budget upfront or those with tighter cash flow. Monthly invoicing with a 30-day payment period helps in managing financial resources more effectively.

  • Training Goals and Objectives:

  CFP : Best suited for companies with a strategic focus on comprehensive skill development and career advancement opportunities for their employees. If your objective is to build a highly skilled workforce ready for future challenges, CFP aligns with long-term competence building.

  ENPL : Suitable for companies looking for targeted training solutions to meet specific regulatory compliance or to address immediate skill gaps without the necessity for a broad spectrum of courses.

  • Administrative and Management Preferences:

  CFP : Requires less administrative effort once subscribed, as employees can enroll in any number of courses without needing approval or additional paperwork for each course.

  ENPL: Offers more control on a course-by-course basis, which might be preferable for companies that wish to closely monitor and approve individual training expenditures.

  • Long-Term Value and Benefits:

 CFP : Provides exceptional value for money for organizations committed to long-term employee development, offering extensive access to training resources and materials, including an annual Soft Copy Material Bonus

 ENPL : Allows companies to maximize their discounts and savings on a flexible basis, providing a tailored approach to training that can adapt to changing business needs.

Opportunity Summary

For organizations with extensive and diverse training needs, looking to invest in the continuous development of their workforce, the Corporate Freedom Pass may be the more advantageous choice.

For those with more specific, immediate, or fluctuating training needs, and a preference for financial and enrolment flexibility, the Enrol Now, Pay Monthly option could better align with their requirements.

Why Choose Sofema Online?

With over 100,000 enrolments and a reputation as a world leader in EASA compliant regulatory and vocational training, Sofema Online offers your business the opportunity to significantly enhance your team's competence and readiness for career advancement. Our platforms provide:

  • >> A dedicated online platform for high-quality, regulatory-compliant training.
  • >> Tailored learning experiences to keep your team ahead in the industry.
  • >> Support from the SOL team to ensure your training needs are efficiently met.

Next Steps

Ultimately, the decision should support your company's immediate and future goals for workforce competence and regulatory compliance within the budgetary constraints and administrative capacity.

See www.sofemaonline.com now or email [email protected] for comments or questions. Our team is ready to support your staff in building the competence and confidence they need to succeed.