Sofema Online reviews the CAMO Diploma and the CAMO Advanced Diploma

Sofema Online reviews the CAMO Diploma and the CAMO Advanced Diploma SOLSofema Online (SOL) presents the merits of both CAMO Diplomas that are available, offering comprehensive, industry-leading education. Upscale your career with a SOL CAMO Diploma: CAMO DiplomaCAMO Advanced Diploma


The Sofema Online Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) Diploma has become a significant success and the platform’s best-seller for several reasons. It’s the only online platform that offers EASA regulatory-compliant and vocational training specifically designed for individuals working within CAMOs.

>> This comprehensive training program aims to deepen the understanding and skills necessary for the effective management of aircraft maintenance and airworthiness, addressing a critical need within the aviation industry for specialized education in this area.

Why do the Sofema Online CAMO Diplomas stand out?

  • Regulatory compliance and vocational training: It meets the specific regulatory requirements set by EASA, ensuring that the training is not only comprehensive but also up-to-date with the latest standards and practices within the aviation industry.

o This aspect is crucial for professionals seeking to align their skills with current regulatory expectations.

Wide range of topics covered: The diploma covers a broad spectrum of subjects relevant to CAMO operations.

o From aircraft maintenance planning and technical records to EASA Part 21 review for CAMO staff, the curriculum is designed to provide a holistic understanding of all aspects involved in continuing airworthiness and maintenance organization management.

The Sofema Online CAMO Diploma offers a comprehensive set of courses tailored for professionals in the CAMO sector. Below, I’ve detailed the course names and provided descriptions for both the fundamental and advanced diploma programs.

The CAMO Diploma contains the following courses

>> Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package

o This package includes five separate courses designed to provide in-depth knowledge about the planning of aircraft maintenance, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and safety in operations.

>> Part M Effective Mar 2020 – For Large Aircraft with VO

o Focuses on the regulations regarding the continuing airworthiness of large aircraft, incorporating the changes effective from March 2020.

>> Aircraft Technical Records

o Covers the management and maintenance of aircraft technical records, which is crucial for ensuring compliance and supporting safety management processes.

>> EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff

o Provides CAMO staff with a comprehensive overview of EASA Part 21, focusing on design and production standards for aircraft and related products.

>> Developing an Effective Reliability Program Essentials

o Teaches the fundamentals of establishing a reliability program that monitors and improves the operational safety and efficiency of aircraft.

>> Introduction to Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

o Explains the concepts and application of MMEL and MEL, which are critical for maintaining aircraft operationality under specific technical conditions.

>> Engine Condition Trend Monitoring

o Focuses on techniques and the importance of monitoring engine conditions to predict maintenance needs and prevent failures.

>> RVSM Operations, Continued Airworthiness & Maintenance Practices with VO

o Discusses the requirements for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) operations, including maintenance and airworthiness considerations.

>> EASA Part CAMO Regulatory Obligations with VO

o Provides an overview of the regulatory obligations under EASA Part CAMO, focusing on continuing airworthiness management.

>> EASA Part CAMO – SMS – Regulatory Obligations with VO

o Delves into the Safety Management Systems (SMS) requirements and regulatory obligations for CAMO under EASA Part CAMO.

>> AD, SB & Repair Considerations for EASA CAMO

o Covers the processes and considerations for Airworthiness Directives (AD), Service Bulletins (SB), and repairs within the EASA CAMO context.

The CAMO Advanced Diploma contains the following courses

>> Part M Subpart I for Airworthiness Review Staff (Initial).

o This course is designed for airworthiness review staff, providing initial training on Part M Subpart I regulations and responsibilities.

>> CAMO & AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring.

o Focuses on planning and technical services within CAMO and AMO, including job card creation and technical documentation authoring.

>> EASA Part M – Understanding MSG 3 Methodology and Analytic Process Essentials.

o Provides insight into the MSG-3 methodology for maintenance planning and the analytical processes essential for its application.

>> AMC 20-20 Continuing Structural Integrity Programme with VO.

o Discusses the AMC 20-20 guidelines for maintaining the structural integrity of aircraft throughout their operational life.

>> EASA Part 26/CS 26 Regulatory Training for Large Aeroplanes Additional Airworthiness Specifications.

o Offers training on the additional airworthiness specifications for large aeroplanes as outlined in EASA Part 26/CS 26.

>> FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) Training.

o Provides knowledge on the process and requirements for obtaining Supplemental Type Certificates in both FAA and EASA jurisdictions.

>> Certification Specification 25 (CS 25) Introduction for CAMO Staff.

o An introductory course on CS 25, focusing on the certification specifications for large aircraft, tailored for CAMO staff.

>> Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves.

o Offers guidance on managing lease agreements and maintenance reserves, essential for financial and operational aspects of aircraft leasing.

>> Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff.

o Specialized training for managing aircraft technical records in the context of leases, targeting CAMO and technical records staff.

>> Managing EASA Maintenance Check Flight (MCF) and Permit to Fly (PtF) Requirements.

o Covers the management of Maintenance Check Flights and Permit to Fly requirements, ensuring compliance and safety.

Grow your CAMO competence now with Sofema Online

>> Each course within these diploma programs is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of specific aspects of CAMO operations, regulations, and best practices. The fundamental diploma focuses on foundational knowledge and regulatory compliance, while the advanced diploma offers deeper insights into specialized areas, further enhancing the professional capabilities of individuals in the CAMO sector.

>> Being an online platform, Sofema Online offers flexibility to learners, allowing them to engage with the course material at their own pace and according to their schedules. This accessibility is a significant factor in its success, catering to professionals who may have demanding work schedules.

>> Completing the diploma provides tangible evidence of a high level of knowledge across multiple subject areas within the core business unit of CAMO. This achievement can significantly enhance a professional’s credentials, demonstrating their commitment to their career and their comprehensive understanding of CAMO responsibilities.

Financial Incentives

The platform offers a substantial discount for the multi-course diploma compared to taking each course individually. Additionally, there are deferred payment options available, making it financially accessible to a wider audience.

The CAMO Diploma Costs 835 Euro for 15 Courses equivalent to 18 Days of training in the classroom

Following Completion of the CAMO Diploma you may receive the Advanced CAMO Diploma at a special price of 399 Euro for 10 Courses equivalent to over 13 Days.

Please Consider that the total cost of the complete program which is equivalent to over 31 Days of Classroom Training is 1234 Euro

Interesting Note: The Sofema Online entire program of 25 separately certificated courses (1234 Euros) is over 100 Euros cheaper than attending a single 2-day course with our competitor!

Note: Hard Copy Diploma Certificate: Even though Sofema Online has updated its policy to not post certificates as a normal service from 1st February 2024, they still offer options for those who wish to obtain a hard copy of their diploma. This flexibility ensures that graduates can choose how they want to receive their proof of completion.

Impact on Career Development

  • For certifying engineers, current CAMO members, and post holders or nominated persons within a CAMO, the diploma provides a structured path for career advancement. It equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare for a move into the EASA continuing airworthiness environment, broaden their expertise for additional duties, and demonstrate awareness and comprehension of CAMO obligations and responsibilities.


  • The Sofema Online CAMO Diploma represents a significant achievement in the realm of aviation maintenance and airworthiness management training. Its comprehensive curriculum, regulatory compliance, accessibility, and tangible demonstration of competence it offers make it a valuable asset for aviation professionals seeking to advance their careers within the CAMO framework.

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