Explore Sofema's training opportunities - Corporate Freedom Pass, Privileged Training Partner, and Enroll Now Pay Later

SOL Training Opportunities v01 1In an ambitious move to redefine professional aviation training, Sofema is thrilled to announce the integration of the Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP), Privileged Training Partner (PTP) program, and the Enroll Now Pay Later (ENPL) 

Offering unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and client-centric benefits, underscoring Sofema's dedication to empowering the global aviation community.

Empowering Organizations with Tailored Training Solutions

  • >> The Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) revolutionizes how organizations access training, allowing unlimited enrolment options for hundreds of delegates across over 300 comprehensive courses. This program is designed to drastically reduce training costs while offering the freedom to customize learning paths to meet diverse organizational needs.
  • >> Simultaneously, the Privileged Training Partner (PTP) program elevates the client experience by providing exclusive discounts, personalized support, and the opportunity to influence Sofema's training development roadmap. PTP members enjoy a standard 15% discount on courses, with additional benefits for group enrolments and access to a dedicated Account Manager.
  • >> Completing this trio of client-focused initiatives, the Enroll Now Pay Later (ENPL) scheme offers immediate access to Sofema's extensive online training portfolio, with the convenience of monthly invoicing. This flexible approach ensures that financial constraints do not hinder professional development.

A Unified Approach to Professional Development

By harmonizing the CFP, PTP, and ENPL into a comprehensive set of training solutions, we are setting a new standard in aviation training.

  • >> Our goal is to provide an adaptable, efficient, and impactful learning experience that supports the industry's evolving needs.
  • >> Organizations partnering with Sofema can now enjoy a seamless and enriched training experience, tailored to foster growth, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance workforce competency.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Aviation Training

  • >> Sofema invites aviation organizations worldwide to explore the benefits of Sofema Online EASA Compliant Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and value, Sofema is dedicated to supporting your team's success in the dynamic aviation landscape.

Opportunity Benefits Detailed Introduction

Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)

  • >> Unlimited Access: Offers unlimited enrolment options for organizations, allowing them to train hundreds of delegates.
  • >> Extensive Course Catalogue: Access to over 300 comprehensive courses, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the aviation industry.
  • >> Cost-Effectiveness: Designed to significantly reduce training costs for organizations, making professional development more accessible.
  • >> Customizable Learning Paths: Provides the flexibility to tailor training programs to meet the specific needs of each organization, enhancing the relevance and impact of the training.

Privileged Training Partner (PTP) Program

  • >>Exclusive Discounts: Members enjoy a standard 15% discount on courses, with additional benefits for group enrolments, making training more affordable.
  • >> Personalized Support: Access to a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring that clients receive personalized assistance and support throughout their training journey.
  • >> Influence on Training Development: The opportunity to contribute to Sofema's training development roadmap, allowing clients to shape future training offerings according to their needs.

Enroll Now Pay Later (ENPL)

  • >> Immediate Access: Enables immediate access to Sofema's extensive online training portfolio, facilitating timely professional development.
  • >> Flexible Payment: With the convenience of monthly invoicing, this scheme ensures that financial constraints do not impede access to training opportunities.
  • >> Unified Approach to Professional Development

Adaptable and Efficient Learning Experience: By integrating these initiatives, Sofema aims to provide a learning experience that is both adaptable to the industry's evolving needs and efficient in its delivery.

Tailored Training Experience: Organizations can enjoy a training experience that is specifically tailored to foster growth, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance workforce competency.

For more information about joining Sofema's pioneering training initiatives, please visit www.sofemaonline.com or email team@sassofia.com