The Evolution of Excellence: The Sofema Online Diploma Journey

The Evolution of Excellence The Sofema Online Diploma JourneySofema Online (SOL) is an EASA Compliant Regulatory and Vocational Training Organisation offering today over 330 Courses, Packages & Diploma’s.


The SOL Diploma is a training program offered by Sofema Online to support clients' career development in the aviation industry.

It consists of tailored Learning Path Diploma Programs designed to enhance knowledge and skills in various aviation sectors, such as Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development, Aviation Safety Management SystemsCAMO, and more. The program aims to provide a comprehensive and flexible learning experience to help individuals achieve their career goals within the aviation industry.

The development of the SOL diploma product is a story of vision, innovation, and dedication to excellence. It's a testament to SOL's commitment to not just meet but exceed the evolving training needs of the aviation industry, providing a foundation for the professional growth of both European and International aviation personnel.

The journey to creating a comprehensive online learning platform, culminating in the launch of the diploma product, is a story of vision, adaptation, and commitment to excellence.

Over the last 10 years since the launch of Sofema Online (Previously known as EASA online), SOL has morphed into a powerhouse of online aviation training, boasting over 330 courses, packages, and diplomas.

  • >> This expansion was not just in numbers but in the diversity and depth of the courses offered, providing support for many subjects from Part 145, Part M, and Part 21 to Safety Management Systems as well as Leadership Courses and Non-EASA Regulations.
  • >> Such growth was driven by an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, accessible training solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the aviation sector.

The genesis of SOL's Diploma initiative:

As the platform's offerings grew, the SOL team, identified an opportunity to package related courses together, creating a more structured and efficient learning path for their clients. This initiative not only offered significant savings but also established a baseline for individual competence in various aviation disciplines.

The inception of the SOL diploma product was also a direct response to a clear industry need for comprehensive, cost-effective training solutions. (for example, we identified that our competitor was charging over 1000 Euros for a single person to attend one 2-day training course - either virtually or in person) – This made the cost of several people attending multiple courses, which are both essential and highly relevant, somewhat restrictive—especially when compared to the accessibility of an SOL Diploma

Whilst cost should never be a prime factor when considering product quality,  the opportunity for all employees to meet competence-building regulatory training objectives across multiple regulatory areas, within budget has to be a significant factor when choosing a training solution.

Launched in 2021, the diploma product was designed to encapsulate over ten relevant courses under a single umbrella, providing learners with a deep dive into their chosen fields. This was not just about knowledge acquisition; it was about building competence, demonstrating regulatory knowledge across a broad spectrum, and preparing aviation professionals for career advancement.

The diploma, therefore, became the perfect testament to a learner's commitment and understanding of the subject matter, recognized by a hard copy diploma or a diploma with distinction sent worldwide upon completion.

Beyond the financial savings, the diploma product represented a significant stride towards personalized learning experiences. Understanding that one size does not fit all, SOL offered customization options for training programs, ensuring that if a client's needs were not met by the existing courses, a new course could be developed tailored to those specific requirements.

The impact of the diploma product on SOL's clients and the broader aviation industry cannot be overstated. By 2024, with a platform capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users, SOL has firmly established itself as a leader in aviation regulatory training. This growth was not just numerical but qualitative, with SOL's courses and diplomas recognized by competent authorities for their comprehensive coverage and relevance.

To a bright future

As we look towards the future, we continue to innovate, by introducing new courses, packages, and diplomas to meet the dynamic needs of the aviation industry.

With initiatives including the personal and corporate Freedom Pass and the Sofema Online Plus loyalty network, SOL is not just providing education; it's building a community. A community where learners, educators, and industry professionals unite under a common goal: to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency within the aviation industry.

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