Need EASA-Compliant short courses for your staff? Experience easy enrolment and attractive discounts with Sofema Online

SOL ENPL v01Look no further - Sofema Online (SOL)  has the answer  -  Enrol Now - Pay Later (ENPL)

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving aviation industry, staying ahead means not only meeting regulatory compliance but exceeding it. Sofema Online (SOL) has pioneered a way to ensure that your company not only keeps pace but sets the pace. The "Enrol Now - Pay Later" (ENPL) program is your gateway to a world of exceptional EASA regulatory-compliant training without the upfront financial commitment.

Leading companies across the aviation sector and beyond are leveraging this scheme to empower their teams without the immediate financial strain. SOL Clients are experiencing the unparalleled advantage of immediate course access and streamlined payment options, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

A few of the Enrol Now - Pay Later Clients:

  • >> Air Albania Shpk
  • >> AMROS Group
  • >> ANEM
  • >> AEM Limited
  • >> Aero Inspection Asia Pte Ltd
  • >> Avalon Aero Technical Services Ltd
  • >> BOS Aerospace Ltd
  • >> DAT LT, UAB
  • >> DC Aviation Dubai
  • >> Execujet Aviation Nigeria FZE

Sofema Online is revolutionizing the way companies invest in regulatory and vocational training with our acclaimed "Enrol Now Pay Later" program.

  • A trusted partner with over 100,000 Enrolments to date, we're at the forefront of EASA-compliant training, and now we're inviting YOUR company to be part of this success story!

Why Join Enrol Now - Pay Later (ENPL?)

  • >> Immediate Access: Enrol in any of our 350+ cutting-edge online courses, packages, and diplomas TODAY without waiting for payment clearance. Your team can start learning moments from now!
  • >> Flexible Payments: Receive a consolidated monthly invoice with a generous 30-day payment term. Manage your training budget without compromising on quality or timing.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Benefit from a minimum 15% discount on individual courses and a 10% discount on our comprehensive packages and diplomas. More training, more savings!
  • >> Administrative Simplicity: Nominate a Company Account Manager to effortlessly monitor progress and manage enrolments, with detailed reports and a single invoice for straightforward tracking and maximum savings.
  • >> Flexibility and Scalability: The program's flexibility allows companies of any size to scale their training needs up or down based on current requirements and budgets. Whether it's onboarding new employees, upskilling current staff, or ensuring regulatory compliance, the Enrol Now Pay Later program adapts to your company's evolving needs.

Join the Ranks of Industry Leaders

Don't let budget constraints hold your team back from accessing the best in online regulatory training. With Sofema Online's "Enrol Now - Pay Later" program, you can:

  • >> Empower Your Employees: Enhance skills, ensure compliance, and drive your business forward.
  • >> Manage Cash Flow: Benefit from delayed payment terms while your team gains immediate course access.
  • >> Maximize Savings: Take advantage of significant discounts, reducing your overall training costs.

Are you ready to Join the Program?

With over 350 courses, flexible payment terms, and significant discounts, the ENPL program is designed to fit your company's unique needs and budget. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to empower your staff, enhance compliance, and drive efficiency, all while managing cash flow more effectively.

  • >> The future of professional development is here, and it's more accessible than ever. Read more in our FAQ page
  • >> To become a member of our Privileged Training Partner Program (required for joining the ENLP program) and to start using the benefits of "Enrol Now - Pay Later," contact us today at