SofemaOnline is pleased to announce the availability of 2 new Foundation Packages

EASA Compliant Maintenance Foundation Training Package 147/66

Bringing together an overview of EASA Regulation 1321/2014 relating to EASA Part 147 and EASA Part 66.

Two separate courses normally priced at 52.50 USD each taken together as a package the 2 courses are priced at only 80 USD.

EASA Part 147 Foundation provides delegates with an introduction to the Part 147 approved training organisations process and is specifically aimed at new starters as well as other persons wishing to achieve an introductory understanding of the role of EASA Part 147.

Through attending this course, the delegates will achieve an awareness of the related Quality Management Principles applicable to EASA Part 147 organisations, the training will also appeal to anyone who needs to have an increased level of awareness concerning the responsibilities to comply with EASA 147 regulations. 

EASA Part-66 is a common European aircraft maintenance licence recognized in all EASA member states. The regulations define the conditions under which a maintenance engineer is authorized to release an aircraft into service after a maintenance operation.

Based on the issue of the Maintenance Engineers Licence, together with satisfactory demonstration of competency and knowledge of organizational procedures the personal authorization document is issued by an approved Part-145 organization.

Each Course is taken Separately and on completion after passing the multi choice exam you will receive an electronic certificate for each Subject

EASA Compliant Aviation Quality & Safety Foundation Training Package

Bringing together an Introduction to EASA Compliant Quality QMS  & Safety SMS Processes at Foundation Level. After completing each Training, you will be able to take the online multi choice exam and receive immediately an electronic certificate

Two separate courses normally priced at 52.50 USD each taken together as a package the 2 courses are priced at only 80 USD.

Consisting of Aviation Quality Foundation & Aviation Safety Foundation

Related to QMS - This course provides an ideal introduction for persons wishing to have a detailed understanding of an EASA compliant Aviation Quality System, to understand how Quality Assurance should be positioned at the heart of the operation, fully functioning within every department and element of the organisation.

Understand how a fully functioning Quality Assurance system can support the effectiveness of the organisation and understand the regulations which deliver the Quality Audit Requirements.

Consider the role of Compliance Management Auditing and raise an understanding of the various roles of a quality system within the organisation.

Without doubt this is one of the best fundamental SMS introductions available. Building on the importance for all organisation employees to be able to engage with the SMS.

The course provides an understanding of the basic philosophy of how we should interact with the organization's Safety Management System (SMS) dealing with the challenge is understanding how we should interact - this varies across the business depending on our roles and responsibilities within the organisation.

This presentation provides a detailed introduction at foundation level and is suitable for all employees both existing and new.