SofemaOnline offers additional support for Aspiring B1-1 & B2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Introducing the E-learning Revolution with SofemaOnline Virtual Academy - Supporting EASA Part 66 Basic Modules with Online training, Short Courses and 147 Module Examinations.

20% Discount on the following modules when you have completed Modules 1 – 10 with SOL.

Module 11 - Airplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
Module 14 – Propulsion
Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engine
Module 17 - Propeller (SOL) Presents a Part 66 Online Training Going it Alone Opportunity offers an additional Bonus by providing 20% discount to all SOL Part 66 Students who have successfully completed the Self-Study Part 66 online Consolidated Program Modules 1 to 10 – Special Offer

All Part 66 online trainings are provided under the direct control, oversight and guidance of European Aviation Institute (EAI).

European Aviation Institute is an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) with Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003. Providing Part 147 and other specialized "non EASA Part 147" training courses. Providing both integrated and modular packaged quality training solutions from training center in Bucharest, Romania or at other preferred location. EAI was established with the goal of raising the standards of aeronautical training, with access to skilled instructors, the focus is on delivering best in class skills to existing and new generations of aviation technicians and engineers.

Passing the Module Exams supports aspiring EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to gain the necessary knowledge needed to take the module examinations. With SOL you have the opportunity to self-study using the resource of SofemaOnline then either

a) Complete EASA Part 147 delivered short courses or
b) Go straight to the examination. (having passed the exam as part of the online training you will know if you are ready to go straight to the exam or you need to take a short revision as preparation)
c) Our examination program is conducted in Bucharest Romania we have examinations during the last week of the following months Jan / March / May / July / September & November
d) Module Reviews are on request and in general for a review to go ahead we need around 6 to 8 delegates.

Please Note 

1/ Any particular module examinations may take place during any examination in Bucharest
2/ Module Reviews are on request and in general for a review to go ahead we need around 6 to 8 delegates.

What shall I do next?

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