What is the Connection between SofemaOnline and Competitors Prices?

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» Does Cheaper mean inferior?

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Introduction to the price difference!

We are often asked why there is such a difference between SofemaOnline (SOL) - www.sofemaonline.com Prices and Several Mainstream Professional Training Organisations?

Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema Comments “ How do we offer a course for 75 Euro when our competitors are offering the same 1-day course take for example “Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety - Phase 2 for Part-M and Part-145” for 640 Euro.

Of interest, one such competitor (who charges approx. 9 times our cost) proudly announces they are a non-profit - Whatever that means :)

So how is it done?

Well, it is in part due to the value which our customers quickly recognize including the following:

» Customer Service

» Professional Content

» Client engagement, for example, see our download area https://sassofia.com/download-area/

» Please note that 75 Euro is the highest amount you will pay - For organizations this price can be discounted by up to 45% depending on the number of persons enrolled.

It is also due to economies of scale, Simply we are able to charge considerably less than our competitors because of the number of users on our online platform – for example, we currently have over 3000 delegates enrolled in our training course

Did you know that the Sofema Online platform is able to accept 10,000 concurrent users?

What is the other part of the story?

Well we understand the importance of “real marketing” – we strive to meet the clients' objectives – many of our 550 classrooms and 200 online courses have been produced at our cost to exactly meet the clients' objectives and then delivered for a group of 15 persons for the same cost that our competitors charge for 3 persons to attend a standard course.

We developed a Preferred Training Partner relationship which provides our customers with significant “real” discounts.

We develop initiatives and offers which benefit our clients and grow our customer base so it is a natural win/win relationship

Does Cheaper mean inferior?

In answer to the question does cheaper mean inferior? - Amongst our many customers we are currently providing regulatory training to several European Regulatory Authorities – our feedback is of the highest order – please see examples here https://sassofia.com/client-testimonials/

If you have not experienced Sofema Online before – now is your opportunity, simply email [email protected] and title your email

Request for Competitor Discount

We will be happy to provide you with a 10% discount to welcome you to Sofema Online – why wait?

» Applies to any single course on our online platform www.sofemaonline.com