Bonus training with the Logistics & Stores Online Package until the end of October 2021 - Sign up today!

Sofema Online is giving a Bonus training with the Logistics Stores Online Package until the end of October 2021 Sign up today

SofemaOnline is happy to announce the expansion of our EASA Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures Package with the following Special Offer:

Take the Package (consisting of 3 online courses) + Bonus Dangerous Goods Cat 8 online course

for only 160 EUR until 31 October 2021!

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About the Package:
This online package is specifically designed to deliver the knowledge required to build competence within the EASA Compliant Aviation Store. It covers several areas you will not find in other training courses and ensures the supply chain personnel are made aware of the criticality of the product they purchase and manage. The included courses are:
Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 1 Introduction to an EASA Compliant Storage System
Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 2 Stores Facility Management Guidance and Inspection
Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 3 EASA Stores Technical Procedures & Additional Training
About the Bonus training:
This training is based on the latest edition of IATA DGR and it’s designed for the cargo agent, the freight forwarder, and operators’ dangerous goods acceptance personnel (Category 7 from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Table 1.5.A). The training has been produced to help students to achieve appropriate knowledge in all aspects of Dangerous Goods Awareness.
Details of the Special Offer:
The regular price of the 4 courses, when undertaken individually, is 300 EUR. However, if you take them together as a package until the end of October 2021, you can benefit from a saving of 140 EUR & receive them for only 160 EUR!
Build competence within the Logistics Processes - Register here & enjoy the special price!
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