Sofema Online Launches the Ultimate Organizational Training Program - Corporate Freedom Pass


» I am the CEO of a Major European Aviation Organisation What can I achieve with a Budget of 10,000 GBP?

» I have a workforce of 150 persons from Accountable Manager to Junior Shop Floor Staff

Sofema Online (SOL) Considers the options and essentially, we have 2 basic options Online/Webinar – Classroom

» Option 1 with a UK competitor Brand X = Classroom or webinar training and your budget will cover 9 persons per year attending a 2day course (including VAT) so let’s call it 18 training Days

Means 9 of your team can do a single 2-day course once/year!

» Option 2 with Sofema Online using the corporate freedom pass a monthly payment of 850 Euro (which includes VAT)

 º Unlimited online training with 10 concurrent licenses

 º Consider a nominal 20 days per month activity means 2400 available training days (compare 2400 to 18 means our product is over 100 times cheaper)

Means your entire team of 150 persons can each do 15 days of Regulatory, Vocational & Competence Building Training Every Year!

How is Sofema able to provide such a price?

How Does Ryan Air offer 20 Euro Seats – it’s the same answer – Since Jan 2020 – We have had over 17,500 enrollments to our training courses and the accolades just flood in! (See client feedback below)

But Online training is not the same as Classroom Training!

We agree it is 100 times cheaper with CFP to start with, however, putting this to one side we provide full engagement opportunities

» For individuals, we offer the Sofema Online Aviation Network – Now rebranded as SOL Plus – a user club which requires no payment other than to complete a single training and provides a free of charge course every year

» We encourage our clients to join our LinkedIn Group - Sofema Online User Forum

» Many of our courses are with Instructor (Subject Matter Expert Voice-over)

» Many of our courses are developed directly to meet client expectations see as an example these courses



Reality Check - Your entire team could be completing these courses (and many more) at under 5 euro/Day/Delegate

What Do Our Customers Say

CAMO Learning Path Diploma - "The experience was great. The courses provided a thorough understanding of the EASA and CAMO environments. I would totally recommend it. One feature that I enjoyed is that you were initially presented the general idea in an understandable way and more details were provided after that. For most "students", it is very helpful first to understand the "big" picture and later to go deep into details."

Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA - CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma -"Excellent. The material is clear, structured, easy to follow, and contains precise and usable information. Graphics are comprehensive and convincing. The VO function brings the courses (where available) to a “near classroom” experience with additional information and explanation."

EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Learning Path Diploma

"Overall the course was very informative and the framework of the material was very well presented. The program was a great experience, and very well organized, a big thank you to the Sofema Team and the Instructors."

Next Steps

Please see the following link or email and we will be pleased to provide you with further details on how you can optimize your organizational training program with SofemaOnline.