Get ready for a career change with SOL! Sign up for the GA CAMO Diploma and prepare for a new role

Get ready for a career change with SOL Sign up for the GA CAMO Diploma and prepare for a role as a Store Manager CAMO Planning Engineer or CAMO Quality Auditor solDo you want to make the next step in your career advancement?

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General Aviation CAMO Diploma

Who is the GA CAMO Diploma suitable for?

This Program is appropriate for Licensed Maintenance Staff as well as Personnel with an Aviation Maintenance background in general.

Which courses are included in the Diploma?

The General Aviation CAMO Diploma contains 9 separate online courses:

  • » Part M Effective Mar 2020 - For Large Aircraft with VO
  • » Aircraft Technical Records
  • » EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff
  • » EASA Part ML Regulatory Obligations
  • » EASA Part CAO - Combined Airworthiness Organisation Regulatory Obligations
  • » Part M Maintenance Planning Essentials
  • » Logistics & Stores Inspection EASA & FAA Suspect Parts Training
  • » Logistics - Stores and Incoming Inspection
  • » Part 145 Production Planning Essentials

Each one of the courses is certificated and upon completion of all of them, you will be eligible to receive a Hard Copy Diploma.
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After successful completion of the diploma, you will have the opportunity to start a career as a Store Manager, CAMO Planning Engineer, or CAMO Quality Auditor.

What responsibilities will you have in the positions above?

Store Manager – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Managing the stores' team, promoting a structured approach to ensure all tasks and activities required are completed within the allocated time frames
  • » Ensuring that all stores' records are diligently maintained and that business management reports are available as and when required. This includes value, volume, and usage reporting
  • » Developing and maintaining a perpetual stock take plan and culture as well as managing the annual stock take
  • » Supporting the procurement team in maintaining product file data to ensure systems are up to date and accurate
  • » Developing current KPIs to ensure that stores' activities are aligned and measured against business requirements and drive improvements
  • » Driving Continuous Improvement and Lean methodology within the stores' team and their activities and engaging with the production leads to actively promoting Continuous Improvement within the overall business culture
  • » Ensuring the required stock levels are maintained in the most cost-effective manner for the business
  • » Determining the most efficient storage solutions for inventory and delivery mechanisms to the production areas
  • » Responsible for ad hoc transportation, recording and resolving receipting issues, management of the warranty returns process, management of free issue equipment including any tracking requirements
  • » Temporarily deploying to other areas within the Supply Chain function, to undertake activity commensurate with their level, capability, and functional skill at the discretion of the Senior Management Team

CAMO Planning Engineer – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Monitoring aircraft cycles and flying hours to ensure time-sensitive inspections, scheduled maintenance or MEL/CDL expiration times do not lapse
  • » Evaluating reported aircraft discrepancies and developing an appropriate recovery plan
  • » Identifying and evaluating opportunities to perform maintenance when operational schedules permit
  • » Evaluating short, medium and long-term maintenance requirements, and implementing plans to meet all regulatory requirements whilst maintaining the most efficient operation and achieving the Company’s commercial goals
  • » Reviewing aircraft work packages for appropriate signatories, stamps, and sign-offs, to ensure that all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is carried out on time and in accordance with AMM, AMP and all applicable regulations
  • » Keeping the maintenance records well updated according to the airplane’s history
  • » Attending and participating in the daily meeting to ensure that all scheduled tasks have been done in a timely manner
  • » Supporting the CAMO to manage the AD, SB, Modification assessment and approval process
  • » Monitoring the fleet's technical condition and coordinating maintenance plans, as required, with the CAMO and operations department
  • » Performing other related duties and responsibilities as requested

CAMO Quality Auditor – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Conducting internal and external scheduled and risk-based audits and inspections
  • » Monitoring and auditing contracted and sub-contracted activities
  • » Ensuring corrective actions resulting from the Audit programme are accomplished and verifying corrective action has been implemented
  • » Assisting the compliance monitoring manager (CAMO) in reporting on the effectiveness of the management system to the Accountable Manager
  • » Reporting any unsafe conditions to the Safety Manager
  • » Assisting in compiling data for the Safety & Compliance Review Board

How to sign up for the General Aviation CAMO Diploma?

You can register at the DIploma page here or contact for further details or group enrollments.

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