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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Enroll Now - Pay Later program?
It's a part of our Privileged Training Program (PTP), allowing organizations to enroll employees in training courses without immediate payment.
2. How can I join the Enroll Now - Pay Later program?
Join by becoming a member of our Privileged Training Partner (PTP) program. Request an agreement by emailing [email protected]. 
3. Are there any fees for joining? 
There are no membership fees or hidden costs involved in the PTP or Enroll Now, Pay Later programs.
4. What are the payment terms?
Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice, which is issued monthly for enrollments in the preceding month.

5. Is there a limit on the number of enrollments?

No, you can enroll as many participants as needed each month without restrictions.

6. Do we need to enroll delegates each month to maintain membership?

No, once you’re a member, use the program as needed. Membership remains active regardless of enrollment frequency.

7. Who can benefit from this program?

Companies who need targeted training to meet specific regulatory compliance or immediate skill gaps.

8. How are the courses delivered?

Courses are offered through the Sofema Online platform. A nominated Account Manager manages all administrative aspects.

9. How long are courses accessible?

Courses are accessible for 9, 12 or 15 months, depending on the program type, with participants having three attempts to pass the examination.

10. Can the Account Manager monitor the progress?

Yes, admin privileges (upon request) allow the Account Manager to track progress, download certificates, and view exam scores.

11. What training courses are available through the ENPL program?

The program includes over 350 online regulatory, vocational, and specialized courses covering UK CAA & EASA Part 145, among other topics.

12. How does the accumulated monthly discount work?

Discounts are calculated based on the total number of enrollments each month. 

The more courses you enroll in, the greater the discount, which is reflected in your monthly invoice.

13. What happens if the monthly payment is delayed?

If payment is not received within the stipulated 30 days, course access  may be temporarily restricted until the payment is settled.

14. Can training be customized for specific organizational needs?

Yes, Sofema Online offers the flexibility to tailor courses to meet specific organizational requirements, ensuring that training is as relevant and effective as possible.

15. Is there support available for users encountering difficulties with the courses?

Comprehensive support is available for all users. This includes technical assistance with the online platform, as well as educational support to help understand course material.

16. What are the criteria for becoming a member of the PTP program?

Membership is open to any organization that seeks support and savings on training. Each application is reviewed on its merit to ensure alignment with program goals.

17. Can international organizations participate in the ENPL and PTP programs?

Yes, these programs are available globally to organizations that meet the program criteria, regardless of geographical location.

18. How do I cancel or change an enrollment after it has been processed?

Changes or cancellations can be managed through the Company Account Manager, who has the necessary administrative rights to adjust enrollments as required.

Changes or cancellations may be made if the course has not been started.