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Freedom Pass
Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Sofema Online Freedom Pass (FP)?

The Sofema Online Freedom Pass (FP) offers organizations full access to over 300 regulatory and vocational training programs, enabling comprehensive training for the entire workforce. This program allows clients full access to any currently available courses on, including all new courses added to the platform during the period of validity of the Freedom Pass.

2. How many courses can a delegate be simultaneously enrolled in?

Delegates participating in the 6 or 12 months Freedom pass program can be simultaneously enrolled in 3 single courses, 1 Package or 1 Learning Path Diploma.

Note: With the Monthly Freedom Pass option only 3 single courses may be opened concurrently (thus this does not apply to Special Packages and Diplomas).

3. Are there any complimentary materials provided?

Upon each year of Freedom Pass completion the delegate is entitled to receive a free soft copy of materials with a total value of up to 150 EUR. This allows the recipient of up to 5 days' equivalent of training material.

4. Why should I consider the Freedom Pass?

The FP is designed to be a cost-effective solution which provides an exclusive subscription plan offered by SOL that grants users access to all Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses. With options for monthly, yearly, or 6-monthly payments, the pass provides a convenient and flexible way to enroll in SOL courses. Members enjoy a full year of unlimited course enrollment during their program membership, allowing for comprehensive skill development.

5. What are the conditions for using the FP?

SAS requires the following information to proceed with enrolment:

  1. Agreement signed
  2. Full name of the delegate as required for the certificate.
  3. Unique email address for use with the online platform registration, course participation and client communication.
  4. Full payment confirmation (SAS offers four payment options: wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, Revolut).

Note: With the Monthly Freedom Pass option the client agrees that if there are any missed payments which remain outstanding for more than 10 business days the contract reverts to an annual agreement, the security deposit will be forfeited and the remainder of the 12 monthly payments will fall due as a single amount. (Conversion Balance). Pending the outstanding payment the account will be suspended. In the event of missed payments leading to the discontinuation of the Monthly Freedom Pass during the initially agreed-upon period, Sofema Aviation Services retains the right to decline the Monthly Freedom Pass, in which case an Annual or 6 Monthly FP will be the only available option.

The MFP program is currently available for clients who are registered as PAY PAL Verified Clients or have a Revolut Account with an AutoPay feature. Credit Card payment is also available.

6. What kind of administrative support is available?

SAS will provide access to the courses on the online platform and enable the delivery of the courses according to the following administration process:

The Client shall request any course listed on Sofema Online to be opened in his /her account.

The opened course must be completed, after which the Client will be able to request the next course and repeat the process throughout the validity of the Freedom Pass.

7.Is the Freedom Pass transferable?

The Client must not provide access to other persons from their (Freedom Pass personal SOL account).

The Freedom Pass package is not transferable.

8. What are the pricing and payment options for the FP?

Monthly Subscription – 128 per month for 12 months

12-month access (minimum) to all Sofema Online courses

Monthly Payment + Security Deposit equal to 1 month

6 Month Subscription - 925 EUR

6-month access to all Sofema Online courses

Single payment purchased in advance

12 Month Subscription - 1375 EUR

12-month access to all SofemaOnline courses

Single payment purchased in advance

9. Can the client request course enrollment on the last day of their Freedom Pass Program?

The delegate may complete the last chosen course during the 6 months following the Freedom Pass expiration date.

10. Where can the delegate address questions that may have arisen in relation to the content while going through the courses?

For all technically related questions participants may refer to the Sofema Online User Forum Group on Linkedin:

11.What if the delegate fails the exam?

If the delegate fail the exam he/she will have 2 more attempts, however, a first failure should indicate that he/she should carefully review the course.

Rushing through hundreds of slides in a couple of hours is not what we want, and we are sure the Client agrees.

If a delegate fail the 3 attempts on the exam he/she will need to re-take the training. If he/she MUST re-take a course our policy is to provide the training with a 50% discount on the normal cost of the individual course.

12.What happens if the delegate completes a Package or Learning Path Diploma?

Once the delegate completes the necessary courses to earn a Diploma then he/she needs to inform SofemaOnline about the completed courses.

Final Diploma Certificate will be sent via email. Should the Client wish to receive a physical copy, it is necessary to provide a shipping address.

In order to obtain a printed Diploma, kindly arrange for your chosen courier service (DHL/FED EX/UPS, etc.) to pick up the certificate from the Sofema office located at 19 Yakubitsa Str., fl. 4, 1164, Sofia, Bulgaria (No cost associated with this option). Alternatively, we offer the option to dispatch the hard-copy Diploma through regular mail. To opt for this alternative, a fee of 50 EUR is applicable, and the certificate will be sent at your own risk.

Multiple SOL Diploma’s may be obtained during the validity of the Freedom Pass.

13. Are there any discounts applicable to the Freedom Pass Program?

If the client becomes a SOL Plus member the following discounts are available:

15% from the price of the 12 months Freedom Pass = 1169 EUR (1375 EUR)

10% from the price of Monthly Freedom Pass 115.00 EUR (128.00 EUR)

SOL Plus is a Members Group for Individuals which recognizes customer loyalty to Sofema Online.

For more information on how to become a SOL Plus member, please click Here.