Sofema Aviation Services EASA Regulatory Job Role Requirement JRR

Job Role Training Requirements

Job Role Training Requirements (JRRs) identify regulatory-compliant and vocational training opportunities tailored to each business area's job roles. They offer clear and concise guidance on which courses are relevant for different job roles.

Sofema Aviation Services EASA Regulatory Training Tailored Solutions

Our clients operate within a very specific market across many aviation domains. Ensuring that staff members are fully competent and trained to perform their assigned roles is of the utmost importance to our client organisations.

Sofema Online provides EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational short courses to support competence development within multiple aviation domains. Our business depends fundamentally on the need to provide guidance to help our clients select the most appropriate training courses to meet organisational regulatory obligations and to support the continuing development of employee competence.

Job Role Training Requirements (JRR) to identify the specific regulatory compliant and vocational training opportunities to support each business area related to Job Roles.

Job Role Training Requirements (JRR’s)

SOL provides JRR’s to enable our clients to select the most appropriate role specific training courses.

· Print the JRR to support job role development activities performed by your HR department.

· Use the JRR to support internal auditing by your quality assurance department and retain the course certificate as part of the competence management process.

 Job Role Training Requirements (JRR’s) are intended to provide clear, concise statements of what courses are applicable for the different job roles.

Initial Airworthiness
Aerospace Engineer
Aircraft Certification Engineer/Manager
Avionics Engineer
Certification Specialist
Design Engineer
Test Engineer
Project Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
Regulatory Affairs Specialist/Manager
Safety Analyst
Structural Engineer
Systems Engineer
Technical Writer

EASA Accountable Manager
Flight Crew  
Flight Crew Administrative Management & Ancillary
Director of Flight Operations (DFO)
Crew Planning
OCC Manager
Training Manager
Operations Analyst
Operations Compliance Manager
OPS Flight Dispatcher  
OPS Ground Operations Manager 
OPS Maintenance Controller
OPS Safety Manager
Cabin Crew
OPS Compliance Auditor  
Technical Records Supervisor 
Technical Records Administrator

Part 145
Logistics & Stores Manager
Line Service Technician
Part 145 Compliance Manager
Accountable Manager and Nominated Person
EASA Part 145 Certifying & Support Staff 
Aircraft Engineer
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
Aircraft Mechanic
Base Maintenance Manager 
Ground Support Equipment Mechanic
Production Planning Manager 
MRO Workshop Manager
Safety Manager
Technical Instructors and Trainers
Technical Records Specialist 
Quality Auditor (Compliance Auditor) Part 145
Quality Manager (Compliance Manager)
Aircraft Maintenance Stores Inspector

CAMO Compliance Manager
Maintenance Planning Engineer 
CAMO Compliance Auditor
CAMO Manager
CAMO Safety Manager 
CAMO Safety Management System (SMS) Manager
CAMO Technical Engineer
CAMO Technical Records Specialist 
Reliability Engineer