Online Aviation Regulatory Training with Sofema Online Virtual Training Academy

Online Aviation Regulatory Training with Sofema Online Virtual Training Academy SOLWhat Is Sofema Online (SOL) Virtual Training Academy?

Sofema Online recognises the importance of upskilling and reskilling to stay relevant in an ever-changing job market. Our training provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge without having to leave their jobs or homes, which is particularly important during a period of economic uncertainty.

A Post-Covid World Has Brought Significant Change to the Aviation Training Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the way people work and learn, and as a result, the willingness to engage with online training has increased significantly.

  • - During the pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing measures forced many organizations to adapt quickly to remote work and online training. This rapid shift accelerated the adoption of online learning technologies and created a sense of familiarity with online training.
  • - Sofema Online ( has become the leading provider of  accessible and flexible regulatory-compliant and vocational courses
  • - Allowing Sofema Online customers to learn at their own pace and from anywhere with an internet connection
  • - Online training is also often more cost-effective than traditional in-person training, which makes it more appealing to both organizations and individuals

What Does Sofema Online Offer Me?

  • > 300+ Individual Courses, Packages & Diplomas
  • > Sofema Online Benefit Program – SOL Plus
  • > Freedom Pass with access to the full Portfolio for 12 Months – See here
  • > 20 Regulatory Experts providing Training & Support
  • > Ultra-competitive Pricing Policy
  • > Practical & Effective Support
  • > Compliant with EASA and other multiple regulatory environments
  • > Vocational Competence Building

The Benefits of Online Regulatory Training with Sofema Online Virtual Aviation Academy

The benefits of aviation regulatory training undertaken online often outweigh any challenges:

  • > Online training offers greater convenience, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and access to up-to-date information, making it an excellent option for aviation professionals looking to stay current with regulatory requirements.
  • > Online training allows aviation professionals to take courses at their own pace and from any location with an internet connection, making it more convenient than traditional classroom-based training.
  • > Online training courses are typically less expensive than traditional classroom-based courses, as they eliminate the need for travel, accommodation, and physical classroom infrastructure.

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