Sofema Online’s Exciting New Upgrade: Retain your aviation training access post-examination

Sofema Online SOL Exciting New Upgrade Retain your aviation training access post examinationSofema Online, a leader in online aviation training, is thrilled to announce a significant upgrade:

You now have access to the course material after passing the exam

Learn at your own pace, Successfully pass your exam, Instantly print your certificate, and Review the material within the allocated time frame:

⇒ 9 months for Individual Courses
⇒ 12 months for Packages
⇒ 15 months for Diplomas

From January 2024, we are enhancing the way you learn by giving you access to course materials after you successfully pass the final examination. This update is a response to the valuable feedback and requests from our dedicated learners.

Learn, Test your knowledge, and Review the material within 9 / 12 / 15 months depending on your choice of a Course, Package, or Diploma. This allows you to review and consolidate your learning at your own pace, ensuring you truly master the subject matter.

Choose from over 330 Courses, Packages, and Diplomas: Our extensive course catalog, covering diverse aviation topics, is more accessible than ever.

Who benefits?

  • > Existing and New Clients: Both our loyal and new clients can take advantage of this upgrade.
  • > Individual and Corporate clients: (Excluding Freedom Pass and Corporate Freedom Pass clients)
    Whether you’re learning independently or as part of a corporate PTP or Enroll Now – Pay Later training program, this upgrade is designed to suit your unique learning needs.

Why Sofema Online?

  • > Flexibility: Learn at your own pace and revisit complex topics as needed.
  • > Comprehensive Curriculum: Courses designed by industry experts, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights.
  • > Convenience: Access course materials anytime, anywhere.

Our commitment to your growth

At Sofema Online, we are committed to your professional development. This upgrade is a testament to our dedication to providing flexible, high-quality learning solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the aviation industry.

Take the Next Step in Your Aviation Career

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