Enroll your entire team on the Sofema Online Platform & provide them with access to each SOL course

SOL PR Boost Teamwork v03Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com presents a business case to employ the Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) to:

>> Build Team Competence
>> Meet Regulatory Obligations
>> Cover a wide range of subjects (over 330 training programs available)
>> Benefit extensively from significant cost savings

With the Corporate Freedom Pass, companies can now offer their employees unrestricted access to a vast range of courses, covering everything from basic regulatory requirements to advanced vocational training. This initiative aligns with Sofema Online’s commitment to facilitating continuous professional development and ensuring that aviation professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

>> Online training allows staff to participate in courses without leaving their workplace, reducing downtime that would otherwise be spent travelling to external training locations. This not only saves money but also ensures that staff remain productive, contributing to the organization’s operations even while undergoing training.
>> Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass allows for a scalable training solution that can be adapted to the size and needs of the organization.
>> Whether for small teams or larger groups, the CFP ensures that training is accessible without additional costs for individual courses.


The Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) offers a comprehensive training solution for organizations seeking to provide their employees with access to a wide range of regulatory and vocational training courses.

Sofema Online (SOL) is the e-learning division of Sofema Aviation Services, offering a range of regulatory and vocational training courses designed to enhance the competency of aviation professionals. With a focus on regulatory compliance and best practices, SOL provides an outstanding learning experience to ensure your full team receive the best possible training experience without breaking your budget.

>> Interesting Fact: Do you know that the per day cost of access to Sofema Online training courses is less than 5 EUR per person/day? We should all agree that Product Quality should never be compromised by price. SOL is able to offer the CFP at this price because of the volume of our enrollments (expected to exceed 35,000 in 2024).

What is the Corporate Freedom Pass?

>> The Corporate Freedom Pass allows the entire workforce to access Sofema Online’s full portfolio of online training courses.
>> This includes client-managed enrollment, which gives organizations the flexibility to self-enroll delegates and manage the training process effectively.
>> Companies are eligible to receive an annual free soft copy allowance of the training materials, enhancing the learning experience.

Features and Benefits

>> Unlimited Course Enrollments: Employees can enroll in as many courses as they wish during the subscription period, allowing for comprehensive skill development across various subjects.
>> The Corporate Freedom Pass is available in monthly, yearly, or 6-monthly subscriptions, making it a convenient choice for businesses of any size.
>> Subscribers get access to over 330 online courses, packages, and diplomas, preparing teams for career advancement and ensuring continuous learning and development.

Key Benefits of Corporate Self-Enrollment

>> Organizations have the autonomy to manage enrollments, which means they can prioritize training based on immediate needs and regulatory requirements.
>> This leads to a more efficient use of resources, ensuring that staff are trained as required without wastage on unneeded courses.

Why Choose Sofema Online?

With over 100,000 enrollments, Sofema Online is recognized as a leader in EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational training. The platform is dedicated to offering high-quality, regulatory-compliant training solutions tailored to the aviation industry, ensuring that professionals remain informed about the latest regulatory updates and best practices.

Pricing Options

The Corporate Freedom Pass is structured around the number of concurrent users, with different subscription plans tailored to the size of the organization:

CFP 5: Ideal for CAMO and small 145 Organizations, offering approximately 1200 online training days available. Prices range from 825 EUR/month for a 6-month subscription to 550 EUR/month for a 12-month subscription.

CFP 7 and CFP 10: Suitable for larger organizations, providing more concurrent users and more training days available. Pricing varies based on the number of users and subscription length.

CFP 15: Designed for larger operators and organizations, offering the most extensive access with approximately 3600 online training days available. Pricing for a 12-month subscription is 1245 EUR/month.

Choose your CFP

Additional Considerations

>> The flexibility of the Corporate Freedom Pass, with options for monthly, yearly, or 6-monthly subscriptions, ensures that it can be tailored to fit the specific needs and sizes of different organizations, from small teams to large enterprises.
>> The client-managed enrollment feature and the provision of an annual free soft copy allowance of training materials enhance the learning experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
>> With the competitive pricing options and the proven track record of Sofema Online, evidenced by over 100,000 enrollments, choosing the Corporate Freedom Pass is a strategic investment in the future of aviation professionals and their organizations.
>> Sofema Online CFP enables access to quality training that is cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive, positioning SOL as a preferred partner for EASA Part 145 organisations committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the aviation industry.

Next Steps

For further information and to subscribe to the Corporate Freedom Pass, visit Sofema Online www.sofemaonline.com for questions and comments please email [email protected]