Choose between Sofema Online CAMO & Advanced CAMO Diploma or Freedom Pass

SOL PR CAMO Advanced FPSofema Online (SOL)  comments the relative merits of considering either the CAMO & CAMO Advanced Diploma or taking a 1-year membership to the Individual Freedom Pass (FP)

Which one will you choose?


When comparing the Sofema Online Products CAMO Diploma, Advance CAMO Diploma, and the Individual Freedom Pass, it's important to consider the benefits and flexibility each option offers, as well as the overall cost and access to training materials.

Sofema Online Freedom Pass 

Sofema Online CAMO Diploma 

Sofema Online Advanced CAMO Diploma 

CAMO Diploma Highlights:

  • >> Access to 11 comprehensive courses tailored to CAMO staff.
  • >> The special price for the diploma is 835 EUR, offering a significant saving over individual course prices (1395 EUR).
  • >> Provides 15 months of access to the diploma courses.
  • >> A deferred payment option is available, spreading the cost over 3 months.

Advance CAMO Diploma Highlights:

  • >> Includes 10 specialized courses focusing on advanced aspects of CAMO.
  • >> Priced at 560 EUR or a special reduced rate of 399 EUR for individuals already holding the full CAMO Diploma.
  • >> Like the CAMO Diploma, it offers 15 months of access.
  • >> Also offers a deferred payment option for financial flexibility.

Individual Freedom Pass Highlights:

  • >> Offers unparalleled access to over 350 courses, including all those in the CAMO and Advance CAMO Diplomas.
  • >> Priced at 1375 EUR for a 12-month subscription, with a 15% discount available for SOL Plus members, reducing the cost to 1169 EUR.
  • >> Allows enrollment in up to 3 single courses, 1 package, or 1 learning path diploma at any time.

Special Note - Includes the possibility of obtaining multiple diplomas within the 12-month access period, maximizing the potential for professional development.

Comparison & Value Judgement

  • >> The main advantage of the Freedom Pass is its broad access to a vast range of courses, including but not limited to the CAMO and Advance CAMO Diplomas.
  • >> This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive training across multiple areas.
  • >> The Freedom Pass offers significant flexibility and the potential for extensive professional development within a 12-month period. While the initial investment is higher, the value is unparalleled for individuals or organizations seeking to maximize training opportunities.
  • >> The CAMO and Advance CAMO Diplomas are more focused, providing specialized training for CAMO staff. These options are cost-effective for individuals focusing on this area, with deferred payment options adding to their accessibility.

Next Step - Opportunity

Maximize your potential in the aviation maintenance industry with Sofema Online's comprehensive training options.

  • >> Whether you're seeking specialized CAMO knowledge or broad-based learning across multiple areas, we have a solution tailored to your needs.
  • >> For those seeking the most comprehensive and flexible training program, the Individual Freedom Pass is the ultimate choice, offering access to over 350 courses and the opportunity to complete both CAMO Diplomas within its tenure. Invest in your future today, and soar to new professional heights with Sofema Online.
  • >> Enroll now and begin your journey to excellence in aviation maintenance!


Whilst the Freedom Pass Cost is almost the same as taking both the CAMO & CAMO Advanced Diploma, the client also has access to a portfolio of over 350 Courses, Packages and Diplomas. Providing outstanding access to Sofema Online’s Platform.

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