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SOL PR 3 Key Products 1Unlock Unprecedented Training Value with Sofema Online's Corporate Programs

Sofema Online Corporate Clients – We have you covered with our business-friendly programs. Enrol Now, Pay Later. Unlock the potential of your team with the Prepay Bonus Plan and Corporate Freedom Pass. Act now to ensure your team's success.

With over 100,000 Enrolments there is a reason why Sofema Online is the world’s Premier EASA - Compliant Regulatory & Vocational Training Online Training Platform!

  • >> At Sofema Online (SOL), we understand the challenges businesses face in ensuring their teams are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, especially in the fast-paced aviation industry. 
  • >> That's why we've crafted unique, business-friendly programs to support your organisation's growth and success. With offerings like the Prepay Bonus Plan, Enrol Now Pay Later, and the Corporate Freedom Pass, we have you covered.
  1. Prepay Bonus Plan: Maximize Your Training Budget

Invest in Your Team's Future:

  • >> Receive up to 25% bonus credit with our Prepay Bonus Plan, turning a €4,000 investment into €5,000 in training value.
  • >> Access over 350 comprehensive courses and diplomas designed to enhance competence in the aviation field.
  • >> Flexible and efficient, this plan supports continuous professional development and enables immediate course enrolment.

Why Choose the Prepay Bonus Plan?

  • >> Budget Savings: Unlock significant financial savings and the flexibility to enrol delegates at your convenience.
  • >> Extensive Training Options: Spread your bonus across a wide range of training programs, from basic compliance to advanced skills enhancement.
  • >> Customized Solutions: Tailor your training credits to meet specific learning objectives, offering a bespoke approach to development.
  • Enrol Now Pay Later: Flexibility and Convenience
  • >> Empower Your Team Instantly
  • >> Gain immediate access to over 350 online courses, packages & Diplomas without waiting for payment clearance.
  • >> Benefit from a monthly invoicing system, offering 30 days to pay, and maximize discounts for increased savings.
  • >> A dedicated Company Account Manager will have admin access to monitor delegate progress and manage enrolments efficiently.
  • Corporate Freedom Pass: Unrestricted Access to Excellence
  • >> Revolutionize Your Training Approach
  • >> Enable every employee to access over 350 regulatory compliant and vocational courses at an unbeatable cost. (Typically less than 10 Euros / Training Day)
  • >> Manage your training program with maximum utilization and cost-saving, supported by Sofema's expertise.
  • >> Choose between a 6 or 12-month subscription, allowing for 5, 7, 10, or 15 concurrent enrolments on the SOL platform.

Why Sofema Online Stands Out?

  • Leadership in EASA Compliant Training: With over 100,000 enrolments in the past years, SOL is recognized as a world leader in regulatory and vocational training.
  • E-Learning Revolution: Offering a cost-effective and flexible training solution, Sofema Online makes building competency accessible for every employee.

Act Now: Grow Team Competence with Sofema Online

Embrace the opportunity to empower your team, enhance their proficiency, and ensure your organization stays competitive in the aviation industry. Take the first step towards unlocking your team's potential and setting a new standard for success in the aviation industry.

Visit Sofema Online today to explore our corporate solutions or reach out to us at team@sassofia.com to enrol in our programs.

It's time to empower your team for success with Sofema Online—where excellence in training meets unparalleled value. Act now and secure your organization's place at the forefront of the aviation industry.