Set your training apart with our new generation Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP)

SOL PR PBP v03 1Discover How Sofema Online Can Transform Your Team's Training Experience.

Sofema Online (SOL) is excited to offer organizations a unique opportunity to maximize their training budgets while fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. The Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP) is a financial model designed to enhance the capabilities of your aviation professionals and drive your organization's success.

The Prepay Bonus Plan: A Strategic Investment in Organisations Employee Professional Development

  • With the Prepay Bonus Plan, organizations can now unlock additional training value, allowing for substantial financial savings and increased flexibility in managing training schedules. Here’s how it works:

>> Invest €2000 and unlock €2300 in training value, including a €300 bonus.

>> Invest €3000 and receive €3600 in training value, including a €600 bonus.

>> Invest €4000 for an impressive €5000 in training value, including a €1000 bonus.

Who can access the Prepay Bonus Plan? 

>> Eligible to join the program is any company that is registered as a Privilege Training Partner of Sofema Aviation Services 

Benefits of the Prepay Bonus Plan

>> Budget Efficiency: Achieve significant savings, with up to 25% bonus value added to your pre-paid amount, empowering you to enrol more staff in essential training without additional financial strain.

>> Extensive Training Catalogue: Access over 350 tailored courses, packages, and diplomas designed specifically for the aviation industry, ranging from fundamental compliance to advanced skill enhancement.

>> Customized Learning: Allocate your training credits to meet specific organizational needs, ensuring that every course drives value and aligns with your strategic goals.

>> Flexibility and Control: Manage training schedules at your convenience, with the ability to roll over unused credits or have the funds returned, ensuring that your investment is always optimized.

Why Choose Sofema Online?

As a Privilege Training Partner, you join an elite group of over 100 companies benefiting from Sofema Aviation Services' expertise.

Our Prepay Bonus Plan is more than just a financial incentive – it’s a commitment to your team’s growth and your company's sustained success in the aviation sector.

Invest in Your Team’s Future Today

Do not miss this opportunity to enhance your team's expertise and ensure they remain at the forefront of the aviation industry. Visit Sofema Online's website today to enrol in the Prepay Bonus Plan and begin crafting a training program that truly aligns with your organizational objectives and enhances your operational effectiveness.

About Sofema Online:

Sofema Online provides specialized online training solutions for the aviation industry, designed to support professional development and operational improvement. Committed to excellence, Sofema Online helps aviation professionals achieve higher competence levels through accessible and thorough online learning. It's time to empower your team for success with Sofema Online—where excellence in training meets unparalleled value. Act now and secure your organization's place at the forefront of the aviation industry.

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