Explore our portfolio for Free: Complimentary Sofema Online Courses available to Compliance Managers and Auditors

SOL Compliance ManagersAs a leading provider of EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational training, we are excited to announce a special offer exclusively for Compliance Managers & Auditors.

Since 2013, we have been offering a comprehensive catalogue of over 350 courses, packages, and diplomas for aviation professionals worldwide. We encourage Compliance Managers and Auditors to take advantage of our policy and to enrol as guests in any of our courses for free. This opportunity allows Compliance Managers and Auditors to conduct a thorough evaluation and audit of our training materials to assess their suitability for your employees.

Why Choose Sofema Online?

  • >> Expertise in Aviation Regulations: With years of experience, Sofema Online specializes in regulatory training compliant with EASA standards, ensuring that your team remains knowledgeable and up-to-date with current regulations.

  • >> Wide Range of Courses: We offer an extensive portfolio of over 350 courses, providing diverse learning opportunities across various facets of the aviation industry, from technical maintenance to operational management.

  • >> Flexible Learning Solutions: Our courses are designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, allowing learners to progress at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, with full access to online support.

  • >> Quality and Compliance: Each course is developed and delivered by industry experts, ensuring high-quality content that meets both regulatory requirements and operational best practices.

  • >> Cost-Effective Training Options: Sofema Online's training solutions are not only comprehensive but also cost-effective, offering significant savings compared to traditional in-person training methods.

Summary of Our Offer

  • >> Sofema Online's offer of complimentary course guest enrolment for Compliance Managers represents a valuable opportunity for professionals in the aviation industry. By providing free access to our extensive range of EASA-compliant courses, we support the enhancement of compliance standards and continuous professional development within organizations.
  • >> This initiative not only benefits the individual managers by broadening their knowledge and skills but also aids the overall operational safety and efficiency of their companies.
  • >> The flexibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness of Sofema Online's training solutions make this offer especially attractive for those looking to stay current with industry regulations and best practices without the financial burden of traditional training methods. This strategic move demonstrates our commitment to supporting the aviation industry's ongoing need for regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Comment from Steven Bentley, FRAeS, CEO of Sofema Aviation Services:

"We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to Compliance Managers to enroll as guests in any of our courses at Sofema Online, completely free of charge. This initiative is designed to empower professionals responsible for regulatory compliance within their organizations by offering them full access to our training resources. By doing so, we aim to support the continuous improvement of compliance standards and practices across the aviation industry."

How to Request Complimentary Guest Enrollment in Any of Our Over 350 EASA-Compliant and Vocational Training Courses?

Simply email team@sassofia.com from your business email, identify the courses you wish to review, and request guest enrolment. We will be pleased to support you.