SAS Considers the Development of the Competency of your Maintenance Human Factors Instructor

Business groupEASA Part 145 Organisations should ideally take full control of the HFTTT program, which effectively means taking ensuring the content is managed and meets the organisations objectives and the most effective HF Training program will include content derived from the maintenance error management System (MEMS) and will typically integrate the human factors training within the framework of the organisations existing SMS.

Driven by ICAO obligations European Countries (as well as the rest of the world) organisations are required to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of ICAO annex 19. If we are able to take appropriate action in respect of the human factors issues, we will be able to better prepare to deal with the management of SMS exposures and issues within in our daily routine.

When the organisation has in house capability to deliver HF training a range of options is created, which for example acknowledges that the HF exposure created by the role of Manager or Supervisor is quite different to that experienced by a Line Maintenance Engineer or a component workshop mechanic. With your own HF Training Instructor it is possible to develop multiple courses to better meet the organisation’s needs.

When we consider the connection between the Safety Management System and the HF Training activities it is fair to say that the more integration the better in terms of understanding and managing the exposure. All the elements which are considered as part of our Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Exposure to maintenance error may typically be accommodated and addressed as part of the overall management of the SMS.

A measure of a strong organisational HF/ SMS system will be evidenced by highly visible internal reporting processes together with strong HF Training led awareness plus an individual understanding and focus on risks in the work places.

The course is specifically designed to build competence so that the trainer has the appropriate material to be able to deliver the training in an effective and clear manner, to be able to motivate and to facilitate debate and discussion.

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