Aircraft Lease Management Continuing Airworthiness In Services Considerations

Take off plain transportation concept 613301426 4785x3193Aircraft Lease Management Continuing Airworthiness – In Services Considerations

The following activities are pivotal when considering the success of the Leased Aircraft Project, whilst not an exhaustive list. Many elements are considered which need to be managed in an effective way. Both to protect the asset value of the lease as well as to ensure that the continuing airworthiness obligations remains fully compliant at all times.

Continuous Monitoring and review of Lease Agreement obligations

Do we have full visibility within both the CAMO & AMO environment related to all specific lease agreement obligations?

Maintenance Reserve payment

Are we aware of the size, and availability of MR are we managing in the optimum way to ensure that we are receiving full entitlement?

Management and Control of Mandatory Requirements

Do we have full visibility & oversight of AD’s , ASB, AWLS, CPCP, SIP and aging aircraft requirements, we must ensure full compliance with all mandatory obligations.

Maintenance Program Obligations

Whilst the Operator is responsible to manage and demonstrate the effectiveness of the Maintenance Program are there additional requirements driven by lease agreement constraints of obligations.

Modification and STC reviews and approvals

Essential to do mods and SB’s for the right reasons

a) Because we have to or
b) Because we want to means positive return on investment or driven by a specific business decision

PMA parts

Full Understanding of the capability to use PMA parts – what is possible and how to manage? (potential use of PMA throughout the duration of the lease only)

Technical Status of the Management

Status of Lessee Performance related to Technical overviews, Configurations, Maintenance condition, Maintenance program management, Technical Records Management including AD, SB & Repair History.

In Service Technical Oversight

Management of Defect Level, Configuration Control, Repairs, Mandatory Occurrence Reports use of MEL and CDL.

Technical Status Report

Status of all elements concerning the technical status of the aircraft Including a status review of configuration status all reports, manuals and certificates.

Physical Aspect Review

A Physical Inspection will typically validate full compliance with the maintenance program together with confirmation of compliance with all terms and conditions related to the lease agreement.

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Oversight System

Validating the aircraft inspection technical staff, ensuring effective QA & QC process are in place throughout the life cycle of the lease. The Continuing Airworthiness Management status of all aircraft should be managed and monitored in real time.

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