Choosing SAS to support your CAMO Competence Development

we are here to help dreamstime xl 49669277We believe we are offering an unrivalled opportunity to raise the competence levels of your employees.

No other training organisation offers the depth and breadth of CAMO related Courses than Sofema Aviation Services taken together with the Online Foundation Training offered through

With more than 45 Years of experience behind us we know the importance of managing competence and we share passionately our view that compliance with EASA regulations should be considered as minimum compliance.

With the foundation series we offer a range of cost effective learning opportunities including online – webbex – and classroom training.

Employees with skill level and knowledge gaps are not necessarily a safety risk, however without doubt they operate at a lower efficiency level and create a “hidden” cost to the organisation.

Any organisation considering optimising its processes should as a matter of best practice consider at the same time the process for managing and developing competence throughout the business.

The EASA Regulatory environment is ever changing and very specific and is often a challenge for the HR department to maintain an appropriate level of engagement.

Using SAS to support your regulatory and vocational objectives will help yo to Maximise employee efficiency.

Ensure currency related to EASA regulatory changes.

Promote internal development and competence building leading to organisational organic growth.

Are you aware of the Competence Level of your staff, EASA provides guidance in respect of EASA Part 145, but this is not the complete picture, however in respect of Part M and Part 21 Subpart G this guidance is quite minimal.

It is left to the organisation to develop appropriate Competence Management Processes.

Consider as the regulations are sparse in several areas it is not possible for regulatory auditors to identify exposures which do not relate to specific findings but never the less hurt the organisation.

Our training courses (currently more than 300) our focused on practical engagement and relevancy to the subject matter. Sofema Aviation Services prides itself in being able to support the measuring management and training of competence related to both the regulatory environment and functionality within the business.

Organisations looking for specific competence related support are encouraged to contact to see how we can help you to assess your competence in a meaningful way and to develop cost effective in-company training programs which can be optimised specifically for your organisation.

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