SofemaOnline offers Full Support for EASA Part 147 Basic Modules B1-1 & B2

dreamstimeextralarge 56251428Achieve all your Licence Modules using online support from in your own time while you are still working as an Aircraft Mechanic!

Certifying Staff typically achieve a 75% - 100% increase on the salary of a Mechanic – Invest in your future now by joining our (SOL) Going it Alone Program.

SOL Introduces the E-learning Revolution with SOL Virtual Academy - Supporting EASA Part 66 Basic Modules with Online training, Short Courses and 147 Module Examinations.

Why the program is called Going it Alone?

Because essentially this is how we support the Maintenance Engineer to obtain his Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AMEL) Qualification.

We believe we have developed the most cost-effective solution to help you achieve all the necessary modules for either licence category B1-1 or B2. supports aspiring EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to gain the necessary knowledge needed to take the module examinations. With SOL you have the opportunity to self-study using the resource of SofemaOnline then either:

  1. Complete EASA Part 147 delivered short courses
  2. To go straight to the examination (Having passed the exam as part of the online training you will know if you are ready to go straight to the exam or you need to take a short revision as preparation)

What Does the Going it Alone Program Consist of?

Essentially the program consists of 2 elements the online element provided by together with the short course and examination element provided by European Aviation Institute (EAI).

How does the Short Course Program work? is supported by European Aviation Institute (EAI) - an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) with Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003. EAI is able to provide short courses and examinations in Romania and other approved Training Centres.

Gaining Module Credits and Pass Certificates  

Under EASA Part 147 requirements, all exams must be invigilated to verify the identity of the student, to ensure that time constraints are complied with and to ensure that no additional study material “documents” are present during the examination.

Students who successfully pass module examinations are awarded a Certificate of Recognition of Approved Examination acceptable to all EASA Member Authorities.

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