Build Competence with EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Learning Diploma

stores PicSofema Online is pleased to announce the inclusion of our most recent course -  European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) & Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Suspect Parts Training into the EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Learning Diploma program.

We believe that Sofema Online is one of the few organizations in the world that recognizes the importance of providing hi-level professional training to Supply Chain Personnel and in particular the Stores Inspection Staff.

It is, for this reason, we are pleased to support the ongoing development of specific competence in a very challenging area. We have put together a program of 12 separate training courses which on completion will entitle you to receive a Hard Copy EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Learning Diploma (to be sent anywhere worldwide).

What Subjects are covered in the Program?

a) Introduction and Regulatory Background to an EASA Compliant Storage System.
b) Storage Facility Management Guidance and Inspection of Product within an EASA Store
c) EASA Storage Technical Procedures Including Additional Training Requirements
d) Part 145 Essentials with VO
e) Part 145 Production Planning Foundation
f) Aircraft Technical Records
g) FAA Airworthiness Directives
h) Aviation SMS Foundation
i) Quality & Safety Root Cause Analysis within an EASA Environment Foundation
j) Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive with VO
k) DG 8 (Category 14) Operators and Ground Handling staff - handling, storage, and loading
l) European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) & Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Suspect Parts Training

Normal Price when courses are undertaken individually = 879.50 USD

Special Price to obtain your Diploma with Sofema Online Learning Development = 565 USD

(Or 3 monthly payments of 215 USD per payment)

Special Note: Until the end of April 2020 there is currently a 10% discount on this offer so the full program of 12 courses is available for only 508.5 USD or 3 payments of 193.50 USD

Who will benefit from this course?

Essentially anyone who works in the Supply Chain environment including Materials Planners, Purchasing Supervisors & Managers, Stores Inspection Staff as well as Quality Assurance Audit Staff.

What is the benefit of the program?

a) To be able to demonstrate you have completed a significant amount of detailed training directly related to regulatory compliance within the EASA Logistics area.
b) To demonstrate a high level of supplemental – “vocational training” which grows your knowledge and industry awareness in your chosen field
c) To be able to seek employment opportunities with the knowledge that you have expanded your basic education.
d) To have the confidence to be able to engage in technical and regulatory conversations related to the subject matter.

What Are The Next Steps?

There has never been a better time to improve your aviation knowledge with this competence building program.

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