Leadership Courses for Aspiring Aviation Professionals from Sofema Online Virtual Aviation Academy

business people shaking hands together3 Specially developed training courses for tomorrow’s business leaders available now at an extremely competitive price.

· Understand how to Face the Challenges of Being a Leader,

· Understand the Differences between Management Skills and Leadership Skills,

· Excel at Conflict Management,

· Understand how to work with Team Building

· How to use Coaching & Mentoring techniques in the workplace?

· How to familiarize with effective communication strategies?

· How to provide for Practical activities to explore the various techniques used in effective management?

· Be able to consider methodologies to ensure full engagement with QMS, SMS and awareness of optimized root cause analysis organization element?"

 Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Package provides the following benefits

· Build Leadership Competence

· Develop Leadership Skills

· Understand the process of achieving the best outcome with Assertive Behaviour

· 3 courses with 3 certificates of completion

A superb combination of personal development courses including building competency, building leadership skills and engaging with best practices for communication & assertiveness.

Presented by Sofema online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com

This outstanding package is available for only 95 Euros


Building Competency Course Contains the Following Elements

-What is Competency How to Manage in Self & Others?
-Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness
-Understanding Personal Challenges
-Interpersonal and Holistic Communications
-Personal Interactive Skills
-Developing Motivational Skills
-Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques

Leadership Skills Course Contains the Following Elements

-Definition and Attributes of Leadership
-Considering the Differences between Management Skills and Leadership Skills
-The Challenges of Being a Leader
-Considering Leadership Styles
-Team Building, Coaching & Mentoring
-Conflict Management

Communication and Assertiveness Course Contains the Following Elements

-Meaning of Communication
-Process of Communication
-Communication is a Dynamic Process
-What Makes a Good Communicator?
-Principles for Co-Operative Communication
-The Role of Non-Verbal Communication
-Assertive Behaviour Learning Process
-Using Assertive Techniques to Deal with Conflict

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SofemaOnline (SOL) is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services, offering a range of EASA, FAA, and other leading regulatory compliant and vocational online courses, many with voice over.

All Regulatory and Vocational training courses are carefully formulated to be effective and to help you reach the correct level of understanding in the comfort of your own home or office.

The course content is followed by an online examination after which you are able to print out your certificate.

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We will be pleased to support the leadership development aspirations of you and your team.