Congratulations to the Big Winner of the Free Online Diploma provided by Sofema Online!

FREE ONLINE DIPLOMA WINNERSofema Online has announced the winner of the Free Online Diploma Competition

The winner of the Competition for Free of charge Online Diploma Program on is Sumanth Eswar.

He is an aviation professional from India with more than 10 years of airline experience in various subsections within the CAMO domain.

Eswar has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Aeronautical engineering and is currently working as an Aviation engineer CAMO at EdgeVarsity Learning Systems Pvt Ltd. He shared some of his excitements to be the winner of a free diploma of his choice:

“I am thrilled to know that I am the winner of the contest conducted by Team Sofema Online.

I follow Sofema Online on social media. They post discussions, contests, informative blogs, and details about various upskilling programs offered by them with attractive discounts.

There is a group in the name of “Sofema Online User Forum” which focuses on the understanding of the Aviation Regulatory Environment from ICAO to the various authorities. Such initiatives help enthusiast learners.”

Eswar was given the opportunity to choose the program he will receive for free & his decision is to enrich his knowledge with the EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor Learning Diploma. The program recognizes the completion of 8 separate courses and demonstrates a basic level of knowledge and enhanced competence across several related areas:

» Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HF) – Initial with VO
» Part 145 Essentials with VO
» EASA Part 147 Regulatory Training – FoundationPart 66 Foundation
» Part M Effective Mar 2020 – For Large Aircraft with VO
» EASA Part 145 – 147 Instructor Techniques Course – Train the Trainer
» EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Supervisor & Assessor Training Skills Development
» Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Public Speaking
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» Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Diploma
» Flight & Ground Operations Diploma
» Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor Diploma
» Stores Logistics & Inspection Diploma
» Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma
» General Aviation CAMO Diploma

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