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EASA compliant Part CAMO

Effective 24 March 2020 with the introduction of Part CAMO, EASA created a requirement for Initial and Recurrent – Integrated Human Factor & SMS Training.

SAS is pleased to share that Sofema Online has developed an online training with Voice-over covering the entire program:
Part CAMO Safety (SMS) & Human Factor (HF) Training (Initial) with VO

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Training details:

This course satisfies the initial training obligations related to Safety Management Systems within a CAMO environment with due consideration to Human Factors. People are at the core of our aviation system and the need to remain aware of the potential for human error-driven exposure is ever-present. The course has been carefully developed to fully align with the regulatory requirements ensuring full coverage of all subjects with voiceover to provide emphasis on all relevant content.

It meets the full intent of EASA Part CAMO Requirements (Initial SMS & human factors training should cover all the topics of the training syllabus specified in GM2 CAMO.A.305(g)). Read more

Who is the course for?

For anyone who wishes to engage with the aviation maintenance system or who has an organisational obligation to ensure completion of Initial SMS & Human Factors Training.

What will you learn?

The main topics the training covers are:

• General/Introduction to Safety Management and HF
• Safety Culture/ Organisational Factors
• Human Error
• Human Performance & Limitations
• Environment
• Procedures, Information, Tools and Practices
• Communication
• Teamwork
• Professionalism and integrity
• Organisation’s Safety Programme

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