EASA Part 147 Online Recurrent Quality Audit Training

shutterstock 297677570Sofema Online (SAS) www.sofemaonline.com is pleased to advise the availability of EASA Compliant Quality Assurance Recurrent Training for EASA Part 147 Quality Managers and Auditors.

Please see here for details - https://sofemaonline.com/lms/courses/329-easa-compliant-quality-assurance-recurrent-for-easa-part-147-quality-managers-and-auditors/preview

Course Objective

The aim of this EASA Compliant Quality Assurance Recurrent for EASA Part 147 Quality Managers and Auditors is to consider the key elements required to organize the Compliance Audit System processes to both ensure compliance and to deliver maximum effectiveness within a Part 147 environment.

To re-enforce a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for the QA system including an understanding of the different types of audit applicable for each area together with how the Quality Audit and Quality Control Process integrate within the overall Management System Process. 

To consider in-depth Compliance Management Auditing and to raise an understanding of the various roles of a quality system within the organisation. To focus on effective identification of the need to perform root cause analysis of the discrepancies, and to take positive action.

To place a clear priority on best practice management within a strong quality assurance “compliance-based” system. An essential element then of benefiting from this training is to focus on the issues, how they relate to our workplace, and what we need to do to address them. 

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