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Are you Looking for the Aviation Online Training No 1 Provider2» Online EASA & FAA Aviation Regulatory Training
» Quality Assured Aviation Training Courses.
» Optimized E-learning platform.
» EASA Regulations Effective Training Delivered Online
» EASA Regs Online Training

Who is Sofema Online? - Sofema Online (SOL) is a web-based online training platform:

» Focused on delivering high-quality online regulatory and vocational courses in the field of aviation.
» Compliant within the scope of EASA, FAA, and other regulatory environments.
» Together with additional competence building courses to provide for vocational training within the scope of the applicable regulatory environment.

How can I Access Sofema Online Training Courses?

Sofema Online Enrollment could not be Easier!

» Simply create an account from the Register button on the top right.
» An activation email will be sent to you with your username and password.
» Click the activation link and start browsing our courses.
» After you pick your course from the Courses menu, click Enroll and you will be prompted to add it to your cart.
» Then you will be redirected to the checkout page.

You can gain immediate access to the courses through Pay Pal or organize payment through Credit Card or Bank Transfer by Contacting our admin email

Once the payment process is completed you will be enrolled automatically.

» Our online single courses are available to the delegate for 9 months,
» Our Packages for 12 months and;
» Our Diplomas programs for 15 months to complete the training and sit the exam.

System Features:

» The good thing about Sofema Online courses is that you may stop and continue from the place you stop whenever you like.
» When you decide to continue our system remembers when you logged out and starts the course from the module (slide) you stopped last time.

Divide your study time in the way which is most convenient for you.

Sofema Online Certification:

» After successfully passing the exam, you will be able to download and print out your certificate.
» The certificates will be issued by Sofema Aviation Services.
» Our Certificates also include the logo of our sister company AETS-Sofema an EASA Part 147 Consulting Regulatory Training Organisation who manages our Standards
» For convenience, our policy is to provide electronically signed certificates.

Please Note - Sofema Certificates do not have an expiry date, but some are subject to a recurrent requirement, which should be addressed every 24 months. For example: CRM / HF / DGR / EWIS / FTS.

Next Steps

Please see or email to receive additional details regarding our training options.