EASA Regulatory Drivers for Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Sofema Online (SOL) considers requirements and best practices related to the implementation and management of an effective ERP.

Introduction - AMC1 ORO.GEN.200(a)(3) Management system

Concerning the emergency response plan (ERP)

An ERP should be established that provides the actions to be taken by the operator or specified individuals in an emergency.

The ERP should reflect the size, nature and complexity of the activities performed by the operator.

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There are a few truisms which are relevant when we discuss Emergency Response Planning 

  • The first is that practice really does make perfect – means the more we prepare the more professional is our response.
  • The second which is maybe a little “tongue in cheek” is that the more prepared we are for an emergency the less likely it will happen!
  • However, by practising we do have an opportunity to identify areas within the business process which can be optimised and improved.
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