Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) looks at the various requirements to meet with “minimum” Base Maintenance Requirements both related to Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Best Practices

Control of Approved Data - Applicable to the Specific Aircraft

Approved Data to be available to:

○ Stores Inspector

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SofemaOnline takes a look at the various expectations to comply with “minimum” Base Maintenance Requirements Stores control processes, both related to Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Best Practices.

Stores - Logistics Area

A number of specific areas should be identifiable.

General Facility - Strong Security - Recommend Video Surveillance for all points of Entry -. Customer Serving Hatches to be closable & lockable (Multipoint)

Entry & Exit Doors to be with 5 Lever Mortice Locks

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What Training does an EASA Continuing Airworthiness Manager (CAM) Require?

Sofema Online (SOL) provides the answers.

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Process Review by Sofema Online (SOL) 


Borescope inspection is a skill, which can be learnt. Inspectors are able to see through the scope easily recognizable defects (If present) and are able to interpret with minimal subjectivity. The proficiency that comes with experience allows Inspectors to identify subtle issues like the shifting of a burner can, for instance, that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For inspection purpose, the turbine engine is divided into two main sections: the cold and hot.

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Considerations provided by Sofema Online - SOL (

General Introduction

Inspection should be carried out in accordance with an agreed time line - a single finding should not stop the process rather it should be noted & documented but the process to continue otherwise this can have significant repercussions of stopping and starting the program and finding more defects even at the end of the check.

Typically all inspection should be completed at the 20% completed point of the critical path timeline.

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