Approval for Return To Service and Maintenance, Alteration, and Modification Records

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the FAA requirements ref. US-EU MAG change 8


Approval for Release or Return to Service of a U.S.-Registered Aircraft and Foreign-Registered Aircraft Operating Under 14 CFR includes the following elements:

- A description (or reference to the data acceptable to the Administrator) of the work performed;
- The date of completion of the work;
- The signature of the person authorized by the repair station to approve the aircraft for release or return to service;- The FAA repair station certificate number;
- Additional requirements specified by the operator; and
- The recordkeeping requirements for major repairs and major alterations. Procedures for approval for release or return to service should describe the procedures for the use of acceptable release documents for components and parts.

Approval for Release or Return to Service for Articles. Describe acceptable release statements (example below) that meet the FAA Special Conditions and the use of EASA Form 1 with a dual release.

- State that the maintenance, alteration, and modification entries required by the Special Conditions (a reference to approved/acceptable data) and the entries required by the operator’s maintenance program will be in the English language.
- For an EASA Form 1 issued as a dual release, both statements in block 14a indicating compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 Annex II, EASA Part-145, and “other regulation specified in block 12” are checked. The AMO should include the following or equivalent language in block 12:

Sample dual release statement:

“The work identified in Block 11 and described herein has been accomplished in accordance with 14 CFR part 43 and in respect to that work, the items are approved for release or return to service under certificate no. _______.” [Include copies of any attachments.]

Note: The person approving the product for release or return to service must sign block 14b of the form. This signature approves aircraft components for release or return to service with respect to the work performed. The form must contain a description of the work performed, which also includes the following:

- Maintenance manual reference and revision status;
- The date of completion;
- The name/signature of the person approving the article for release or return to service; and
- The FAA repair station certificate number.

Additional & Supporting Documentation

- Other documents, such as work orders, shop travellers, or FAA Form 337, may be used by the organization to comply with the operator’s requirements. If this is the case, these documents should be referenced specifically in block 12 and appropriately cross-referenced.
- Indicate that block 12 will reference the data used to perform maintenance (e.g., maintenance manual reference including revision status). The data referenced must meet the requirements of the Special Conditions.

o The referenced data may consist of an attachment to the form, such as a work order, air carrier record, or FAA Form 337.

Maintenance and alteration records required by the operating regulations of 14 CFR for operators of U.S.-registered aircraft must be provided to the operator in English if requested.

Next Steps

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