General Overview of Changes to GCAA CAR 145 - Issue 09 Effective 01st March 2023

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General Overview of Changes to GCAA CAR 145 presented by Sofema Online (SOL) 

This revision of Gulf Civil Aviation Authority Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) - CAR V - Airworthiness Regulations contains multiple changes and the following is a summary only – for full details please see the specific content.

UAE GCC CAR 145 sets out the requirements for the maintenance organization's approval of an aircraft or aircraft component. The regulation ensures that the maintenance organization has the appropriate procedures, equipment, personnel, and facilities to perform maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft or aircraft components in compliance with applicable airworthiness requirements.

Summary of Significant Changes

CAR 145.1 – Maintenance organisation approval is limited to the maintenance of A6 registered aircraft in the UAE.

CAR 145.10 – UAE type validated and/or registered aircraft and their components & AMC 145.10 – Para 3 add “provision for Foreign AMO” also Class A4 is removed from capability.

Introduce the Terms LAMO & FAMO

» Organisations with the principle place of business within UAE territories (LAMO)…
» Organisations with the principle place of business outside UAE territories (FAMO)……

UAE GCAA CAR 145 Maintenance Organisation Process (CAR 145.15) – The content of this Appendix was completely deleted & replaced as Standalone AMC.

Clarification regarding Accountable Manager Obligations & Requirements for nominated CAR 145 Post Holders”.

Appendix XI to CAR 145 – minimum requirements for CAR 145 post holders (CAR 145.30a, b & c) – added.

Appendix XII to CAR 145 – requirements for certifying staff under subcontract arrangement in accordance with CAR 145.75(b).

AMC 145.30(f): ref Appendix X to CAR-145 - personnel certification for non-destructive testing of aircraft, engines, components, and materials.

Post Holder Minimum Requirements - Appendix XI to CAR 145.

Competence Assessment Table – Add: SMS (if applicable) and Store Supervisors.

Concerns acceptance of the UK “a UK CAA Form 1 issued by a Part 145 organisation”

Notes concerning ”FAA PMA Parts eligibility” & “Certain commercial parts are eligible for installation on UAE registered aircraft.

Approved NAA Exposition Manual (Acceptance under GCAA-NAA Bilateral) with General Supplementary Procedure (GSP).

CAR 145.75(c) “For occasional line maintenance………not exceeding 40 days”.

Note: “It is mandatory to mention the line maintenance scope in the MORC Statement/ Recommendation”

C Certifying Staff - “Category C” Training Requirement - Level 3 for the initial aircraft and level 1 for the subsequent aircraft type.”

Demonstration of Engagement

Provide evidence of receiving GCAA publication subscriptions and access to GCAA ROSI and Q-Pulse accounts.

Requirement for Operator Procedures Training

The person shall be trained on the operator’s procedures in accordance with AMC-74.

Next Steps

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