Safety Management System Training Requirements in an EASA Part CAMO Compliant Organisation

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Sofema Online (SOL) looks at the requirements & best practices related to the provision of Safety Management System (SMS) training for Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) Staff.


The provision of training to appropriate staff, regardless of their level in the organization, is an indication of management‘s commitment to an effective SMS.

It is also has a direct bearing on the ultimate effectiveness of the SMS within the Organisation.

Safety training and education curricula should consist of the following:

          a) Organizational safety policies, goals & objectives ;

          b) Organizational safety roles and responsibilities related to safety;

          c) Basic Safety Risk Management Principles;

          d) Safety Reporting Systems;

          e) Safety management support (including evaluation and audit programmes);

          f) Lines of communication for dissemination of safety information;

          g) A validation process that measures the effectiveness of training;

          h) Documented initial indoctrination and recurrent training requirements;

Managing SMS Training Administration

Training requirements consistent with the needs and complexity of the organization should be documented for each area of activity.

A training file should be developed for each employee, including management.

Safety training within an organization must ensure that personnel is competent to perform their safety-related duties.

Training Procedures

Training procedures should specify initial and recurrent safety training standards for operational personnel, managers and supervisors, senior managers, and the Accountable Executive.

The amount of safety training should be appropriate to the individual‘s responsibility and involvement in the SMS.

The SMS training documentation should also specify responsibilities for the development of training content and scheduling as well as training records management.

The training should include the organization‘s safety policy, safety roles, and responsibilities, SMS principles related to safety risk management and safety assurance, as well as the use and benefits of the organization‘s safety reporting system(s).

Leadership Team Safety Management System (SMS) Requirements

Safety training for senior managers should include content related to compliance with national and organizational safety requirements, allocation of resources, and active promotion of the SMS including effective inter-departmental safety communication.

In addition, safety training for senior managers should include material on establishing safety performance targets and alert levels.

Finally, the safety training programme may include a session designed specifically for the Accountable Executive.

This training session should be at a high level providing the Accountable Executive with an understanding of the SMS and its relationship to the organization‘s overall business strategy.

Next Steps

Sofema Aviation Services SAS ( and SofemaOnline (SOL) ( provide Classroom, Webinar & Online Training Courses specifically focused on the needs of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)  and Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO).

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