Where Does the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) Come From?

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The MPD is the source document for the initial maintenance program. The Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) contains all the Maintenance Review Board (MRB) requirements, as contained in the Maintenance Review Board Report (MRBR) together with all additional mandatory scheduled maintenance requirements.

Whilst the MPD is the document required for the initial aircraft operator’s maintenance program it is by no means mandatory to comply in every case with subsequent changes to the MRBR.

In fact following the accumulation of reliability data it is quite possible for the Maintenance Program tasks to be escalated beyond the initial periodicity. Savvy Operators will use reliability data and other indicators to develop more effective planning processes which may very well include task escalation.

Of course we should ensure that in the case of “Mandatory” requirements typically contained within the Airworthiness Limitation Section (ALS) may only be escalated with the agreement of the relevant airworthiness authority.

The process by which the Maintenance Review board conduct there analysis is known as MSG3 this process is developed through guidance material created by the American Transport Association ATA. This process provides a systematic approach to creating a high level document (MRBR).

The management of the MRB process is delivered by The Industry Steering Committee (ISC) which is a group of professionals who essentially follow Advisory Circular AC 121-22A. The ISC, is tasked with developing and managing the MRBR proposal and specific guidance and oversight through the Policy and Procedures Handbook PPH. In fact the various component manufactures as well as the Airframe and Engine Manufacturers work with the MRB process through the Industry Steering Committee with the stated intention being to improve the cost efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance tasks.

It is possible that additional requirements are mandated outside of this process and these may be found in the following documents Certification Maintenance Requirement (CMR) and Airworthiness Limitation (AWL) documents.

The MPD will contain not just the tasks from the MRBR, but other tasks which the Type Certificate Holder (TCH) advocates or recommends to the operator that such tasks should be carried out.

The MPD contains additional planning information for example man hours. Moreover continuous development of the MPD should carry on whilst the aircraft remains in service.

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