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That only Maintenance Staff Qualified and Trained to certify CAT II & CAT III systems may return to serviceability following defect rectification.

All Company and Contracted technical personnel working on company aircraft must complete pre-authorisation training. “CAT II/III A” Awareness Course “Read and Sign Training” before working on, or managing, Company aircraft.

NOTE - This does not constitute Release authority for Auto-Land operations.

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SofemaOnline takes a look at the FAA Training Requirements to comply with AC 120-29A

Initial and Recurrent Maintenance Training

a. Maintenance personnel should be knowledgeable regarding the information contained in this AC and 14 CFR related to any significant aspects of LLM that may pertain to maintenance.

Operator and contract maintenance personnel including mechanics, maintenance controllers, avionics technicians, personnel performing maintenance inspection or quality assurance, or other engineering personnel if applicable, should receive initial and recurrent training as necessary for an effective program.

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With modern aircraft the basic aircraft provides CAT II/CAT III as inherent functions of the basic design standard of the aircraft.

Therefore, typical related “Autoland” tasks are covered by the respective AMM Task driven from the maintenance program.

Typically, it is not necessary for the introduction of additional or special recommendations for scheduled maintenance tasks.

Never the less, operators are expected to demonstrate compliance with supplemental national requirements whenever applicable.

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SofemaOnline - takes a look at the rules

Operator Obligations

An Operator must establish procedures and instructions to be used for Low Visibility Take-Off and Category II and III operations.

These procedures must be included in the Operations Manual with approval by the Authority.

The procedures shall contain the duties of flight crew members during taxiing, take-off, approach, flare, landing, roll-out and missed approach as appropriate.

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Regulatory approval for Autoland was first given in 1968 with the first CAT III landing taking place in Jan 1969 (Sud Aviation Caravelle).
Early adopters of Category III technology include The Hawker Siddeley HS Trident, Boeing B747-200 and Concorde. In 1974, the Airbus A300 was certified for Category III A and in 1983 the Airbus A310 achieved certification followed by the Airbus A300-600 in 1984 which achieved CAT III B.
Fail-operational automatic landing was first used for these types of operations, but it was found useful to develop fail-passive capability in order to comply with operational requirements.
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