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CAMO Considerations Related to the Issue of EASA Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)

Considerations by Sofema Online (SOL)


The issuance of the airworthiness review certificate (ARC) by the airworthiness review staff only certifies that the aircraft is considered airworthy in relation to the scope of the airworthiness review performed and the fact that the airworthiness review staff are not aware of instances of non-compliance which endanger flight safety. Furthermore, it only certifies that the aircraft is considered airworthy at the time of the review.

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Issued by EASA Competent Authority (CA) 

Reasons Why CA will issue the ARC

» Whenever circumstances reveal the existence of a potential risk to aviation safety

»  When the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft is managed by a CAMO or CAO which has its principal place of business located in a third country

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Considerations provided by Sofema Online (SOL) 

Article 13 - Certification, Oversight & Enforcement

       » To ensure compliance with the CAR’s, the CA will:

o   Assess the applications & issue or renew certificates and receive declarations

o   Perform oversight of

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Agreement was reached in relation to the extension of 145 certification approval between the European Community (European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA) and the USA (Federal Aviation Administration - FAA) and between EASA and Canada (Transport Canada Civil Aviation - TCAA).

Details of the agreements are issued in the form of two separate guidance materials known as Maintenance Annex Guidance and hereinafter referred to as the MAG. 

Maintenance Annex Guidance 

Is sub-divided into three Sections; 

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