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Use the Team Approach to Optimisation

Without doubt the front-line staff have the highest level of exposure to any shortfalls. Therefore it is worth to engage with team members and to encourage them to propose ways to streamline and simplify processes and to identify cost reductions leading to efficiencies.

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What do we mean by internal reporting system?

Well firstly to understand the difference between Reactive Driven reporting and Proactive Driven Reporting. With the former clearly something has happened and we need to communicate with the authorities to advise them regarding what has happened.
With the latter we have a situation whereby we are trying to proactively identify hazards and exposures where the risk may be considered a salient feature.

By identifying and measuring the risk in a meaningful way we can proceed to develop a greater understanding and as a consequence create appropriate mitigations which can lessen the exposure to the underling risk.

Creating the process

Step 1 then is to have an internal reporting system which meets the company’s needs – the focus should ideally be on the gathering of information (our SMS is heavily reliant on Data) rather than the complexity of the submitted documentation – often simple is better.
We are trying to provide a simple mechanism which we will then encourage people to use in a meaningful way. A simpler system removes one of the barriers to avoid reporting (complaints that it is too bureaucratic).

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