What is the relationship between Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) and European Aviation Institute (EAI)?

SAS and EAI have entered into a working relationship to provide the industry with regulatory, vocational and where appropriate EASA Part 66 Training. This relationship allows both companies to manage standards and to ensure the best possible product is available for our clients.

Please note Only Part 66, basic module & type training for which an EASA 147 organization is approved to deliver is considered Part 66 training under EASA Part 147 conditions.

All other training courses, whether delivered by SAS or SOL, are for competence building and vocational purposes and are NOT considered as EASA Part 147 approved courses.

SOL Part 66 Online courses are produced by EAI and delivered by SOL, they are offered as study material to support preparation for the formal module EASA Part 66 module examinations provided by EAI and other approved organizations.