Required Inspection Items

FAA UAE Regulations 09Brochure ButtonThe concept of Required Inspection Items (RII) has been around for a long time, primarily in the airline industry. However, the key elements that constitute an RII system are applicable at all levels of the maintenance industry.

An RII item is a specific inspection of any maintenance action that, if improperly done, could result in immediate danger to an aircraft.

If you are rigging flight controls, installing a propeller, or performing another maintenance action that affects flight critical systems then it’s certain that they involve an RII.

This training provides the FAA regulatory requirements for part 121 air carrier’s and part 135 air operator’s with respect to Required Inspection Items (RII).
In addition, the training provides background information relating to the need for RII staring with airworthiness requirements, airworthiness responsibility and the link to the maintenance schedule.

This RII training also provides information of RII tasks including an example RII list, as well as guidance for contracting RII to another person and dealing with interruptions to RII tasks which may be bought about by maintenance shift handover.


Acronyms & Abbreviations
RII Regulatory Requirements
Continuous Airworthiness Requirements
Responsibility for Airworthiness
Maintenance Schedule
RII Tasks, Standards and Limits
Contracting RII
Dealing with Interruptions of RII Tasks


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 2-hour classroom training
Category: FAA, UAE & Other Regulations
Price: 49 EUR


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