EASA Part M - Understanding MSG 3 Methodology and Analytic Process Essentials

Part M

Brochure ButtonWith the introduction of MSG-3 the maintenance focus changed from “bottom-up” to “top-down” the process kept the concept of “hard time” & “on condition” but replaced “condition monitoring” with a “Zone Inspection Program” (ZIP).

MSG-3 is now the preferred method used for developing the scheduled maintenance tasks and intervals which will be acceptable to Regulatory authorities, Operators, and Manufacturers.

This course is intended to support a deeper understanding of the Role of the Maintenance Process. The role of MSG-3 the obligations of the THC STCH and the Operator. To promote an effective understanding of the methodology used to determine the development of appropriate and applicable maintenance tasks.


- Terms and Definitions
- The Role of MSG-3 in Reducing the Cost of Aircraft Maintenance
- The Origins of MSG-3
- Aircraft Maintenance Program - Developments
- General Introduction to MSG-3 Process
- Features and Benefits of MSG-3
- MSG-3 Analysis Methodology
- System and Power Plant Analysis
- Structural Analysis
- Zonal Analysis


The course is beneficial for persons requiring a comprehensive understanding of MSG-3. The course will also be beneficial to persons working within a CAMO environment for example Reliability engineering, Maintenance Program Management and Quality Audit Staff.


A background in an aviation maintenance planning and reliability will be a distinct advantage however the course is stand alone.


This course aims to provide the participants with an in depth understanding of the MSG-3 process and methodology employed to develop MSG-3-based Maintenance Programmes.


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Category: Part M
Price: 85 EUR


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