Maintenance Control Centre Combined Planning Training Package


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When dealing with the complex technical systems involved in air transport the consequences of unreliable services become critical and may include a high cost of operation, a loss of productivity, incidents, and exposure to accidents which could even impact the company’s marketplace position.

The Maintenance Planning function is critical to the integrity of the organisation and this course introduces the student to the EASA compliant Maintenance Planning Process.

Aircraft Production Planning belongs to the Maintenance Organisation and is related to the size of the organisation, from a very humble structure to an intensive business management process.

There is much opportunity available within the Production Planning business area to deliver savings and the challenge is to identify efficient business processes that can be used to gather the data, analyze and measure the opportunities and finally to act on this.


At the end of this Training the delegate should have a comprehensive understanding of the Roles and responsibilities associated with Maintenance and Production Planning, and the importance of both aspects within the business process.

·       Achieve a solid understanding related to Part CAMO Continued Airworthiness Management (CAM) and the Continuing Airworthiness Organisation (CAMO)

·       Appreciate the Roles and Responsibilities related to all elements within the Maintenance Planning Group.

·       A detailed understanding of the PART M Quality System – The difference between QA & QC Roles and responsibilities and how it relates to the Maintenance Planning Environment.

·        Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage the Continuing Airworthiness (CA) of your aircraft.

·       Understand the activities which support the analysis of Safety Data including SB’s and AD’s

·       Understand the purpose of STC’s and how they are integrated into the maintenance Program

·       Understand the roles and responsibilities within the various CAMO groups including Reliability, Technical Records, Engineering, & Maintenance Planning

·       To achieve a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment related to EASA Part 145 Production Planning

·       Be able to explain the roles and responsibilities related to the interface between Maintenance and Production Planning.

·       Be able to explain and promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of Production Planning in particular to include all the fundamental activities.

·       Use the regulation to proactively manage full compliance within EASA Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) Production Planning Environment.

·       Familiarize with industry best practice techniques to deliver efficiencies as well as effective Production Planning.

·       To be able to promote an understanding the Role of Safety Management Systems both within base maintenance in general as well as in the area of Production Planning particularly

·       Identify Specific issues which are both organizational and Industry specific.

Taken individually this program will cost 680 EUR benefit from a saving of 275 EUR - Special package price of 405 EUR.

8 certificates will be available for you to download following successful course and examination completion.

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Price: 680 EUR 405 EUR

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